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Every week, three bloggers and I conduct a weekly writing prompt to help you get inspired to write. We published our first year anniversary edition of the blog hop last year entitled, Flash 500 and we are working on our second anniversary edition now. This will probably turn into a yearly tradition and so I invite you to contribute your work to be considered for next year.

Not only that, every week you contribute a story gets entered into the ad contest where you win ad space on the four writing prompt hosts blogs. This page spells out the rules the ad contest competition. Right now, we have a monthly contest for writers and a weekly contest for image submissions.

Snapshot Prompt / Writer Wednesday Blog Hop Ad Contest

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The Prize

  • Blog Ad Spot on the side bar of participating WWBH host blogs for any ONE blog of your choice, even if it's not the one you used to post your story.


  • A link to anything else of your choice on our sidebar - your book, an Etsy store, Twitter account, FaceBook page, etc. Pretty much anything that needs promotion is eligible.

What To Do:

For Written Submissions

  • To be eligible, you must link your submission through the linky or in the comments of the corresponding prompt page.
  • Each weekly writing prompt is a chance to enter to win the monthly ad prize. The chance to win runs from the first Wednesday of the month to the last Wednesday of the month.
  • You have until the following Tuesday at 8 PM EST time to submit your story. You can submit one after that, but it may not be counted toward the competition.
  • Maximum number of entries is 1 per week. You may write more than one story a week, but will only be eligible for one entry. This includes stories by the same author from different blogs, even if alias' are different.
  • Winners are chosen the first Wednesday of the following month and will have their button posted by the second Wednesday of the month. If you do not have a button, we will collaborate with you to create one.
  • Winners are randomly chosen. We will basically throw everyone's entries in a hat, so to speak, and choose our winner that way.
  • Obviously blog hop hosts are not eligible for the contest. But we will still submit our own stories....cause it's just fun.
  • Rules may change. We do our best to update everyone through regular blog posts, but if you think you missed something, you can always check here.

For Photographs, Art work, Images, etc.

  • All art must owned by you, the submitter, so we can have permission to use the work.
  • Images must be PG13 or we won't be able to post or use it.
  • Our deadline for photos every week will be Saturday by 8 PM. You can post at anytime on Saturday, though they may not be considered until the following week. 
  • You can link up your image through the comments (just let us know what it's for) or email it to us. 
  • If more than one image is submitted, we will have a vote on the Sunday after submission. 
  • Each artist chosen qualifies to have a button on our site.
  • In addition to the prizes above, we will also offer the option of a guest post/interview spot on the participating co-host blogs in addition to the button.
  • Rules may change. We do our best to update everyone through regular blog posts, but if you think you missed something, you can always check here.

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