Review Policies

*** Please note - I no longer accept books to review on my blog. As much as I love reading and helping authors promote their books, I find I am no longer to do book reviews and keep up with my own personal book interests. If you want to be promoted through a cover real, interview, or something else along those lines, please let me know.**

There are several ways that I have promoted fellow writers, companies, and organizations. I have conducted interviews with writers, taken part in book reviews, and cover reveals. I have also reviewed software, products, creative art, food, wine, and coffee as well as taken part in sponsored posts.

Please take a look at these following blog posts to get an idea of how I have helped others, and send me an email if you would like to be interviewed, review your book, or take part in a cover reveal. If you are an organization and would like to contact me regarding sponsored posts or product reviews, I would love to hear from you.

Coffee Review

Chocolate Review

Flower Arrangements

My Interview with April Fifer and Danielle Hylton-Outland

My Cover Reveal of Gravity by Melissa West and My Cover Reveal of SocialPunk by Monica Leonelle

My Book Reviews

Sponsored Post with American Heart Association

My Product Review of MyMemories Suite Software

Review Turnaround

I am no longer accepting book reviews on this blog. I have created a separate blog entitled, Reading like Writers where you can submit your book to review. As it is in the newer stages, though, any book reviewed on the site will be promoted on this blog and other social networks.

Review Policy

The product, book, service, etc. I review must be provided to me free of charge. I provide honest reviews to my readers. If something about the product, service, or book I am reviewing is not up to the quality that I would expect, I will work with the company, writer, or artist to improve the experience of the product.

Giveaway Policy

The product that I am giving away to my readers must be sent directly to the winner by the company sponsoring the giveaway. I am open to the length of the giveaway - it can be shorter or longer. A longer giveaway time can provide a lengthier time to promote the review and company.

If you only wish to have me host the giveaway on my site without any type of product or service to review, I do charge a small fee.  I do make exceptions to this for non-profit organizations.

Sponsored Posts

I do allow for sponsored posts on my blog, so please contact me for details on rates. Sponsored posts can be written by me or already prewritten. If it's prewritten, it must be quality writing with minimal grammar and spelling errors. 
UPDATE: I have changed my policy and sponsored posts must be written only by me. I don't do a lot of sponsored posts, either, so if you would like to be featured on my blog, I am much more flexible on text link or image ads on my side bar. See below for ad policy.

Disclosure Policy

I always disclose to my readers regarding any product I receive in exchange for my review or any other kind of compensation I receive in exchange for a post. I make no exceptions on this. In addition, I can affirm to my readers that my reviews are honest and all claims I make on this blog are my own. The compensation I receive - monetary or otherwise - do not influence my reviews.


I am open to advertising on my sidebar either widget, text ads, or images. I have different rates for monthly, 3-month, or 6 month ad spaces Please contact me for rates. Please note, I do disclose to my readers when a side bar ad (text or image) is a paid ad space.

Send an email to npyles86[at]gmail[dot]com to get additional details. Feel free to also request my media kit.


  1. Nicole,
    Congratulations, you are a breathe of fresh air! You are the first person that I have come across in a long time that truly conveys love of people, books and life. I saw your "A Book to Read for a Magical Experience" on Twitter and fell in love with the concept.
    Would like more info on that.

    Cheers to you!


  2. Wow! Thank you so much! This is probably one of the best compliments I've received about my blog do far! Thanks for reading Linda!


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