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I love the idea of having guest bloggers and I'm open to any ideas that you may have. I allow for you to include two links to external articles (which can include your own blog) as well as a biography that includes your social network accounts and blog. I definitely don't charge any fees for guest blogging.


Sponsored posts written by someone else (or you) are not guest posts. A sponsored post means you are discussion your organization, product, or book with only the intention of garnering sales. If a "guest post" only contains content related to your organization, product, or book without any true message to my readers than it's considered a sponsored post. Please read my policy on sponsored posts.

Of course, I don't want to come across like a total un-fun stickler, so if you have any concerns about what category your post falls under, please contact me. Again, I love guest writers, so please contact me if you would love to write for my blog.

Email me @ npyles86[at]gmail[dot]com with any questions or concerns. 

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  1. I often awake in the wee hours of the morning with words running through my head, so I trudge off to the computer and write for hours..only to later read and wonder " what was I thinking ? and why? The words then randomly fly off into cyber space only to be re-used at another time..kjforce


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