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I thought I would update my blog in terms of how I can help authors and help you promote your book. First and foremost, I want to mention I am with WOW! Women on Writing and we do blog tours. So if you are searching for a bigger way to promote your blog (rather than hunting down one blog at a time), please contact me for more information on Women on Writing's blog tours. Here's a couple examples of blog tours I've put together (Guinevere: At the Dawn of Legend by Cheryl Carpinello blog tour and Temple of the Crystal Timekeeper by Fiona Ingram blog tour..

If you do not have the funds for a blog tour and/or are not ready for paid advertising, I'd still love to help you in some way. Here's a few ways (p.s. my email is all the way down at the bottom):

Book Reviews: 

At this moment and through the end of the year, I cannot promise I will do book reviews. Personally, I love reviewing books because it exposes me to authors that I never would have found otherwise. With that in mind, though, send me an email anyways! You never know when this may change. To improve your odds at getting me to read and review your book, keep in mind a few things:

I love reading mysteries, thrillers, young adult fiction, middle grade fiction (I'm a kid at heart!), science fiction and fantasy (to a point), Christian fiction, children's books of any kind, chick lit and cozy mysteries. For the most part, I don't read nonfiction but I could always change my mind for the right book.

So, again, keep in mind that I am not readily accepting books to review, but if you want to email me anyways, include information about your book, the first chapter (this will easily tell me if this is the right for me), and links to your Amazon or Goodreads page. You can email me at npyles86 at gmail dot com.

Author Interviews:

I'm very excited to offer the chance for you to be featured on my blog in an interview! I'd love to chat about you and your book. Interviews include excerpts (if available), a link to a purchase page, link to your website(s), and any photos.

Upon receiving your email for an interview, I ask you to give me a couple of weeks to get information together. Also, if you are asking about being interviewed, than include information about you and your book.

Guest Posts

If you want to write for my blog in some way, I'd love for you to submit a potential guest post. Stumped in terms of what to write? Here's a few prompts:

  • What inspires you to write? 
  • Why did you write your book?
  • What are lessons you've learned while writing your book?
  • Books you enjoyed reading as a kid, teen, or young adult
  • Books you recommend that you've read this past year
  • How have you changed as a writer?
  • What about your genre can you share with my blog readers? (Things you've learned writing for your genre, difficulties publishing in this genre, tips for successfully publishing in this genre)
  • Why did you choose the publisher you did? What led you to indie publishing, self publishing or traditional publishing? What are things you've learned along the way?
If any of these prompts strike your fancy, send me an email about what you will be writing about and I can get you scheduled on my blog. If you need some help with how to write a blog post, let me know I can lend a hand.

Book Spotlight:

This is a fairly simple way of promoting your book on my blog. If you want me to spotlight, send me an email letting me know the following

  • About the book
  • About you, the author
  • Excerpts I can use in the post
  • Links to your websites, social media, and where people can purchase your book (as well as the Goodreads page for your book)
Be a Guest Contributor to '3 Things on a Saturday Night'

I host a regular (well, trying to be regular) feature on my blog called, "3 Things on a Saturday Night." I would LOVE a guest contributor. Any guest contributor will be spotlighted and I'll include info about you, your book, buy links and GoodReads links as well. Your book will also be the image associated with the post. Here's one of the posts I've featured recently.

Let me know if you'd like to be a guest contributor and answer the following (and say why!):

What is your Saturday night reading suggestion? 
What is your Saturday night movie suggestion?
What is your Saturday night [wild card] suggestion? (I'll leave that third suggestion up to you! It can be a song you are listening to obsessively, blog you follow, bottle of wine you just enjoyed, coffee you are drinking, etc.) 

Most importantly, list why these are your suggestions. 

If this sounds like something you'd like to be involved in, send me an email with all of your book information, as well as information about you, buy links and your suggestions. 

So, there you have it folks! You can email me at npyles86 [at] gmail [dot] com.Clearly state which type of feature you are interested (one or more). If you are already taking part in some type of blog tour, you can send me that info as well.

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