08 May 2019

123 Tomorrows by Vaibhav Thakur [Book Review]

I am always so interested in books about time travel. Truly, I'm a sucker for it. So, when I heard from author Vaibhav Thakur about his book 123 Tomorrows, I knew I had to read it.

Here's what the book is about:

“What would you do if you could re-live the same day over and over again?”

Iqbal, a 15-year-old orphan was living an ordinary life when a devastating nuclear attack on Delhi claims millions of lives. It consumes everything he loves and pushes the world towards an inevitable nuclear World War. BUT… Iqbal is no ordinary boy. With his newfound powers of Time Travel, he can reset the day of the bombing.

He lives and relives the day of the blast, masterminding an increasingly complex sequence of events in an attempt to prevent a dystopian tomorrow. A gripping journey through cause and effect, that forces Iqbal to confront his own past… and future.

123 Tomorrows is a cleverly plotted time-travel masterpiece, which is replete with mind-bending twists and surprising turns at every page.

What I Thought

I loved the setting of this book. I felt like I really was stepping into the heart of Delhi and the world within. I also liked the character Iqbal a lot and it was fun to see him change as he uncovers his newfound abilities and tries to undo the future. There was a part that I couldn't get into as much and that was sort of the "world leaders" side of this disaster, but overall I enjoyed it a lot. If you love futuristic tales and love the idea of time travel, you will want to read this book.

Overall, if you like time travel, you should check this book out. Purchase it now on Amazon or add it to your Goodreads list.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 

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