15 April 2019

All the Lovely Children by Andrew Nance [Book Review]

As the winter turns into spring, I've been reading a fantastic thriller that I think you should check out. It's called All the Lovely Children by Andrew Nance. Before I get into how I felt, here's a bit about the book -

About the Book (Courtesy of the Author)

In 1982, Charly Bloom, one of the first female field officers in the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, has left the bureau and turned to private investigation. When she gets a call from an old flame, she returns to her hometown of Temperance, North Carolina to look into the disappearances of four children. The abductions are eerily similar to a set of previous crimes. Two decades earlier, Charly and her two best friends played amateur detectives and tried to find a girl who’d been kidnapped from her home. More girls went missing. Clues overlooked by an inept sheriff led Charly to a confrontation with the man known as the Snatcher. She managed to fight back and kill him. Or so everyone thought. Is the Snatcher back, or is there a copycat? Charly must face her past and her own personal demons in a race against time to save the latest victim.

What I Thought

I thought this book was excellently written, first of all. I really felt transported into this small town when I was reading it. I liked the female character Charly, she was definitely my kind of character! I enjoyed seeing what she was like as a kid and then who she became as an adult. The timeline bounced between 1982 and then 1959, which made for interesting contrasts. A lot of different people were coming in and out of the life of the Charly - both young and as an adult - which sometimes I had a hard time keeping track (could just be where I'm at with things lately). A definite surprise ending though and made it worth reading!

Purchase your copy now at Amazon.com. And best of all, I get to giveaway an ebook copy of the book to one lucky reader! Enter below. Open internationally. Ends 4/30.

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I received a copy in exchange for my honest review. This post contains an affiliate link for which I will receive small compensation if you purchase through my link.


  1. I don't know why I immediately thought of CC Bloom from Beaches when I read the protagonist's name. ;)

  2. Entered the giveaway - greedy fingers crossed!

  3. sounds thrilling.. entered the giveaway..

  4. Sounds like a good one. Thanks for the review.
    Gemma @ Gemma's Book Nook

  5. Nice review. I love thrillers. I've enter the giveaway too.

  6. Thank you for the lovely review, and the giveaway too.

  7. Sounds very good. I love surprise endings!


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