09 February 2019

3 Suggestions on a Saturday Night (Surrender to Passion Takeover!)

I'm so excited to be partnering up with the authors of Surrender to Passion. First up is Angela Breen who has tonight's three suggestions. Surrender to Passion includes four tales of romance and passion and is a perfect read for the month of February!

Be sure to purchase your copy here!

Now, here's what author Angela Breen has for us on Saturday night!

---- The remainder of this post is by Angela Breen

Saturday Night Movie Suggestion: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. In this book to movie adaptation from Netflix, Lara Jean is a lonely girl with an affinity for romance novels and writing love letters she never intends to send. Chaos ensues when the letters find their way to the mailbox and the five boys she’s written to come looking for answers. What could be worse? Oh right, her neighbor and sister's ex-boyfriend received a letter. AWKWARD!

I don’t want to spoil this amazing movie for you so just go watch it. It’s everything wholesome, adorable, and it’s full of teen angst and just enough first love and social media drama.

Saturday Night Book Suggestion: I’m in a lovey mood so in the spirit of Surrender to Passion and the lovely month of February I recommend The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. I am not a Sparks fan typically but when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010, one of the ways we stayed connected was to read the same books. He found this one and wrote me about it so I picked it up the next day. 

This book was everything I needed at the time and the movie does not do it justice. Sparks’ depiction of superstition in the military is right on the money and amusing for us civilians.

In the book, a Marine (Logan) finds a picture of a woman wearing a T-shirt that says Lucky on it. He tries to find the owner of the photo but when he fails he ends up keeping it. He survives an IED explosion and starts to think it’s because of the photo. Upon returning to the US he travels cross country in an effort to find the woman and thank her.

Sparks deals with abusive ex’s, PTSD, survivor’s guilt and more making this book incredibly real and relatable.

Saturday Night Music Suggestion: While writing Soulmate Tango, I listened to 2000’s music but Michelle Branch stood out among the crowd. Her track "Everywhere" is so Lana and Jason I couldn’t get enough while I was writing. However, the entire "All you Wanted" album is amazing and I highly recommend it for when you’re in that new love phase. (or just thinking back to it.)

About Angela Breen

Angela Breen is a contemporary romance author from New Hampshire. She lives with her Marine Veteran husband and three beautiful children.

The family dreams of a life on the open ocean full of adventure. Angela’s earnings from book sales help towards that goal.

Visit her website at angelabreenwrites.wordpress.com


Again, be sure you catch this amazing book at books2read.com/passion. Thank you Angela for your fun Saturday night suggestions!

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