15 January 2019

Interview with Dino Sic, Author of "The Lies that Kill You"

Today I am chatting with Dino Sic, author of the book The Lies that Kill You. Before you read the interview, here's a bit about the book (courtesy of the author):



A man and a woman.

He's lying on the sand, bleeding. She's holding a gun, trembling.


After her mother dies from Alzheimer's, Emma moves with her husband to Montauk to build a new life. She's immediately intrigued by the manor next door and its mysterious owner, Mr. Gold. Nobody has ever seen him. Nobody even knows his first name. But he knows them.

The next day, Emma finds an invitation at her doorstep for the 4th of July party hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Gold. Her husband doesn't want to go, but she can't resist the temptation. It's the biggest mistake of her life because after she sees something at that party, she'll get herself involved in a mystery that could destroy her and her family for good.

The day after, Gold's wife has disappeared, and he's a potential suspect. Emma believes he's innocent and wants to help him, and he trusts only her. In spite of her husband's jealous protest, she agrees to cover his case on her blog and uncover the truth. She'll find out that his wife isn't just another gone girl and that there's a dark and sick scheme in play. What she doesn't know is that someone is watching her every move, that someone has broken into her house while she was sleeping, and that someone is pulling her strings behind the curtains. Soon, she will, and it will lead to …

… that night on the beach. With a gun in her hand, she has two options: she can either pull the trigger and save her family or do the right thing and lose everything she cares about. What is she going to do?

This book is available for purchase or add this to your Goodreads reading list today.

Me: First, thank you for taking the time to chat with me! Tell us about your book, The Lies That Kill You.

Dino: It's about a woman who wants to save her marriage and start anew after her mother dies from Alzheimer's, but gets involved in the disappearance of her neighbor's wife, which will force her to become a killer to save her family.

It questions whether we can escape our past and build a new life or our mistakes will continue to define our future. It also questions what consequences our lies have on the ones we love.

 Me: I think that's an incredible premise. What inspired you to write this book?

Dino: I don't actually remember anymore. It was a few years ago, and the plot and some of the characters were different then. But as the time passed, it changed and evolved quite a lot. I wasn't even sure about the genre back then, yet everything fell into place when I realized it's going to be a psychological thriller.

The title was also different then. The novel was meant to be called When the Sun Comes Down, but after I gave it a little though, I realized that wasn't the right option because it didn't quite convey the genre. That's why I changed it to The Lies That Kill You. My other option was The Lies We Kill Each Other With, which was kinda my favorite, but it was just too long and wouldn't look good on the cover.

Me: I love hearing how a story evolved! Did you do any research for this book? If so, was there anything that you learned that surprised you?

Dino: No, I didn't. The plot didn't require it, so I focused on my life experience, people that I know, the novels that I've read, and the movies and TV shows that I've watched.

Me: I like that! So, what was your writing process for this novel?

Dino: As I'm a plotter, not a pantser, I wrote a very detailed outline of the novel before I started the actual writing. The outline included all the chapters in the chronological order, pieces of dialogue, cliffhangers and stuff like that. This way, it was easier for me to write because I knew beforehand everything I needed to include in the particular chapter when I started writing it. And it was really important that I knew all of that because this novel has a very complex plot, so with the outline as my guide, I wasn't worried that I might drop something out that's crucial for the plot.

Me: That is probably so helpful that you outlined. What advice do you have for any writers hoping to publish in 2019?

Dino: Just keep writing, practicing and honing your craft. Eventually, someone's going to spot your talent. Or you can always self-publish as I did.

Me: Definitely good advice to me! What writers influence you and your writing?

Dino: Although I tend to read a lot, I don't really have role models, so to speak. I always strive to stay original and truthful to myself.

Me: I can understand that. What are you currently working on? What is next for you?

I have a few ideas that I'm working on right now, but I'm not still sure which one I'm going to pick. Yet whichever I choose in the end, it's surely going to be another psychological thriller.

Me: I can't wait to see what you have coming up next! Thank you for taking the time to chat. 

About the Author

Dino Sic was born in Osijek, Croatia in 1994. He earned his master's degree in journalism and public relations from Department of Culturology of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek, and is now studying for a Ph.D. He's currently doing everything possible to achieve his life goal and become a full-time author. Dino is the author of The Lies That Kill You and is currently working on his second thriller. Ever since he can remember, he has always liked to make up stories and characters, create different worlds and imagine devious twists and turns. He enjoys exploring the shadowy side of the human nature in his novels and is always trying to find out what makes them tick, what are their deepest and darkest fears and secrets and what's going on in their heads when they're alone. His dream is to one day become a screenwriter and showrunner of his own TV series. He believes anything is possible if you work hard enough and never give up. You just have to follow your dreams, do what you love and love the ones around you.

You can find more about him on his author website and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram. And don’t forget to sign up for his newsletter for exclusive giveaways and behind-the-scene peeks.

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