26 November 2018

What Travelers Leave Behind & This Week in Weird News

So, I'm always trying out new things on my blog and I figured why not share the weird news that I've found across the web this week. This week I've discovered the spooky cry of sailors, travelers that leave behind wheelchairs at the airport, and a family in search of their peacock.

The Weird Things We Leave Behind

An Australian airport is hosting an auction for the items left behind by travelers, one of which includes a nearly brand new wheelchair as well as jewelry and other items. The reasoning is for so many valuable pieces being left behind is the high emotions that usually run through an airport. I can imagine and while I don't travel often, but when I do, I try to travel as light as possible (if I can). And if you are the type to be endlessly curious like me, you can actually find some weird things up for auction. Check out this website that shows you a variety of auction sites!

How Do You Catch a Peacock

A couple is trying to figure out the best way to catch their peacock that has run away with a group of turkeys (this is a children's book waiting to happen). Apparently, the peacock got cold and lonely and found some turkeys to run with (who I can only assume were running away from the looming Thanksgiving day).

Ghosts or Prank?

This story screams of a Nancy Drew mystery or maybe Scooby Doo. Apparently, Norfolk fishermen are hearing cries for help in the waters of North Norfolk. What makes this more than just your average haunted waters tale is the fact that years and years ago a ship crashed and the captain of the ship drowned and cursed the local fishermen for not going out to help him. So, now when the fishermen of Norfolk in the present day hear cries in the sea, they go out for help. When they do, the cries move to another location in the sea. I'll let you decide what it could be.



  1. The first thing I thought of with the fishermen story was it's the cry of distant seagulls. But maybe it's more mysterious than that.

    I can understand leaving things at the airport, because I always worry I've missed putting something back in my pocket after putting it in those trays at security, but a wheelchair is a pretty big thing to forget!

  2. The peacock story made it to one of our papers here in recent days. Very odd!

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