3 Suggestion on a Saturday Night

October 27, 2018

Can you believe that October is almost over soon? And with October 31st looming, that means Halloween is almost here! What do you have planned on Halloween? Trick or treating? Watching scary movies? A costume contest? I would love to know!

By the way, if you are in need of a one of kind, never been seen before costume, you must consider the Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man Costume. It's a costume version of those business Air Dancers you see in front of businesses. I love it! So a special shout out to them as they are sponsoring this post. Check out their website and purchase your costume.

So, here are my three suggestions on a Saturday night.

Saturday Night Book Suggestion: Recently I purchased a book by Wendy Webb and it was only because of a book I read by her a few years ago. So, my suggestion is The Vanishing by Wendy Webb. Read my review of it on my blog.

Saturday Night Movie Suggestion: If you love crime thrillers than this TV movie epic may be up your alley. It was released several years ago and is about three generations of police chiefs all trying to catch a serial killer. It's a miniseries called "Chiefs." Check it out on IMDB. You'll love it!

Saturday Night YouTube Suggestion: Are you into watching movie clips? Well, if you are I have an amazing list to share with you. This is a YouTube list of Academy Award Winning Moments that I put together. Have you see any on this list? Check it out!

Again, special thank you to Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man Costume. Check out their website and get their one of a kind costume just in time for Halloween.

This post has been sponsored and I have received compensation from the sponsor.


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