3 Suggestions on a Saturday Night

August 11, 2018
We made it to the weekend! In Portland, we have suffered through a terrible heat wave for the second week in a row. I'm very grateful though that we have made it to the weekend because this also means we have a break from the heat wave. It's actually raining right now! I thought a fun feature on my blog would be three suggestions on a Saturday night. Most of these are actual things I experienced this week, so hopefully something will catch your eye!

Alright, here we go:

1) My Saturday Night Reading Suggestion: The Fat Lady's Low, Sad Song by Brian Kaufman. I'm taking more of a chance on Indie reads lately and this one took me by total surprise. I'm not a baseball person at all or even really a sports person, but if you are interested in a book that talks about team camaraderie, good humor, and great characterization, you should read this book. It took me by total surprise and I'm so glad I read it (check out my review here).

2) My Saturday Night Movie Suggestion: Vertigo (1958). Are you a Hitchcock fan at all? I watched this recently and it took me by total surprise at how good it was. I took a Hitchcock class in college and many classes were spent watching Hitchcock movies, which was really cool. If you aren't really into old movies, I'd say give this one a shot. It really makes you think and the ending itself is a conversation piece.

3) My Saturday Night Song Suggestion: I have a radio app and while I don't think to listen to the radio, I have been lately and caught a song that I really liked. The song is called Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man and wow it was so good! I think this makes a fantastic gym song and the singer has an unusual voice. Give it a listen:

So tell me your reading suggestion, movie suggestion, or a song you just found recently that you want to recommend. Have a great weekend everyone! 

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5 Thoughts on a Monday Morning

August 6, 2018
photo credit: Wouter de Bruijn Sunrise on a cold morning via photopin (license)

Monday Monday, oh what a day. Anyone else unbelievably sick of the summer? I swear my personal writing and creative self takes a huge step back when it comes to the heat. So, I came across a list of journaling prompts and thought I would use them as inspiration to blog again. I decided to just pick the ones that jumped out at me and write five thoughts about the question. You can check out the prompts I'm going off of here. So, here's one that I wanted to write - what are five things you do every day without fail?

1) Talk to God.

I can't remember a day ever going by when I wasn't talking to God in some way throughout my day. Some conversations in prayer are more casual than others, but most of all, I pray on a regular basis and spend time with the Lord at least a little bit each day.

2) Drink coffee.

There's very few things I commit to each day without fail and coffee is one of them. I'm recently trying San Francisco Bay blend coffee and that has proven to be a much better cup of coffee in the morning lately.

3) Check my email.

I'd love to be the kind that can unplug but in all honesty, I don't all that often! I at least check my email everyday. Have you been using the new Gmail design? The one feature I love about it is the "snooze" email feature. It's like my own little reminder that pops up!

4) Spend time with family.

This is a big one and is very important to me. Family time matters a lot and a day doesn't go by where we aren't connecting with each other in some way.

5) Reading.

I am currently reading a book that I'm reviewing for someone as well as Plague by Michael Grant. It's book four in the Gone series, although in all honesty I'm not that into it. I feel semi-exhausted with the state of matters in the book and I may end up choosing something else. I also read scripture regularly and of course news articles. So, reading in general is always something I'm doing!

Okay, your turn. What are five things you do everyday without fail? 
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