Loose Ends By Caroline Taylor [A Book Review]

May 6, 2018
 As spring slowly inches it's way closer to summer, I had the chance to read a good thriller about two characters trying to figure out the truth while running from danger.

Here's a bit about the book (courtesy of the publisher):

In the midst of Bicentennial celebrations, Carson Mahoney narrowly escapes a home invasion that reduces her house to rubble. In a West Virginia commune, her sister Cam kills the commune leader. Now both sisters must flee. Already a suspect in her secretive husband’s murder, Carson fears the police will suspect her of arson and put her in jail. It happened before, back when the two sisters were teenagers, imprisoned in a foreign country. It cannot happen again. But running away is also not an option. Cam needs to find the innocent whose life she has saved. Carson must find the thugs who destroyed her home and her livelihood. All too soon, the sisters learn how impossible it is to hide and how difficult it is to trust those who offer help. Will they survive long enough to clear their names? Caroline Taylor has written a tightly woven thriller full of female empowerment and bravery, with strong women seeking justice and formidable opponents in their way. With twists and turns, jolting from the present to the past, readers will be holding their breath until the very end.

What I Thought:

This book was a great thriller! I enjoyed both characters Carson and her sister Cam, and I just had to continue reading to see what happens. Things really start out with a bang in this book and you are taken right into the heart of the troubles. I enjoyed the character Carson especially and thought that Cam was sort of a mystery. The dynamics of their lives and the danger they found themselves in was interesting and captivating. Definitely a book worth reading!

About the Author

Caroline Taylor is the author of two mystery novels, “What Are Friends For?” and “Jewelry from a Grave,” one nonfiction book, “Publishing the Nonprofit Annual Report: Tips, Traps, and Tricks of the Trade,” and numerous short stories and essays, which are featured on her website at www.carolinestories.com. A collection of short stories, titled “Enough: Thirty Stories of Fielding Live’s Little Curve Balls,” is forthcoming from Literary Wanderlust in April 2018. A longtime resident of Washington, DC, she now lives in North Carolina.

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  1. A well spun, suspenseful tale of two sisters who find themselves in worlds of trouble, largely due to already having survived, years previously, an earlier trauma together. Make sure you have some time to spare when you pick it up, because you won't want to put it down until the end!

  2. Ready a good thriller is always a joy! After reading your review I'm convinced I should read this book.

  3. I think the book sounds great and I would love to read it.


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