21 August 2017

The Solar Eclipse & New Writing Challenges

Did you see the solar eclipse today? I don't have the greatest camera but I thought I would share the half way decent photos that I managed to take a photo or two. You can tell how weird things got in the above photo because the street lights came on. One thing I noticed when you got really close to 10:19am Pacific Time (when the eclipse was actually happening for real) was that it got chilly. It definitely dropped in temperature! Also, I noticed I got a headache for some reason! All very strange. I'm kind of impressed with the people who managed to take brilliant looking photos.

On another note, I'm thinking about various writing projects and it's been hard not to venture down the road of trying to recreate stories I've attempted to write before. Unfinished stories tend to bother me a lot and especially when I start thinking about a character I've written about. One thing plaguing me lately is the setting of a story.

I feel very strongly though I am in need of a fresh start. And maybe even a different approach in stories I write in general. I'm really into looking over old news (hence my last post about the eclipse) so I may seek out those articles as a way of getting inspired. If anyone feels like I do about writing, check out this post I found on The Write Practice about How to Get Back Into Writing or this one written by Nathan Bransford about How to Return to Writing After a Long Break. 

What are you writing about lately? What was your eclipse experience? 

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  1. I think it's an awesome image you captured. I had Eclipse Fever yesterday and was glued with my eclipse glasses. We had about 75% totality, and didn't get the temperature drop or streetlights coming on. Still, it was an amazing event.

    I'm knee-deep in a WIP right now with a publisher's deadline of mid-September, but I'm already dreaming up ideas for the next book. I think the eclipse inspired me :)

    1. Thanks! I swear I got inspired by the eclipse too :) I started a new short story last night and it felt so great to get back into something creative again. I had taken far too long of a hiatus!

  2. I didn't photograph. It was partial here, with clear skies. I went out at the peak time to take a look. There was a peculiar tone to the blue sky. Since I didn't have protective glasses, I cautioned myself not to look up at the sun.

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