The Solar Eclipse & New Writing Challenges

August 21, 2017

Did you see the solar eclipse today? I don't have the greatest camera but I thought I would share the half way decent photos that I managed to take a photo or two. You can tell how weird things got in the above photo because the street lights came on. One thing I noticed when you got really close to 10:19am Pacific Time (when the eclipse was actually happening for real) was that it got chilly. It definitely dropped in temperature! Also, I noticed I got a headache for some reason! All very strange. I'm kind of impressed with the people who managed to take brilliant looking photos.

On another note, I'm thinking about various writing projects and it's been hard not to venture down the road of trying to recreate stories I've attempted to write before. Unfinished stories tend to bother me a lot and especially when I start thinking about a character I've written about. One thing plaguing me lately is the setting of a story.

I feel very strongly though I am in need of a fresh start. And maybe even a different approach in stories I write in general. I'm really into looking over old news (hence my last post about the eclipse) so I may seek out those articles as a way of getting inspired. If anyone feels like I do about writing, check out this post I found on The Write Practice about How to Get Back Into Writing or this one written by Nathan Bransford about How to Return to Writing After a Long Break. 

What are you writing about lately? What was your eclipse experience? 

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News in History Get Ready for the Solar Eclipse January 22, 1925.

August 12, 2017
Anyone have plans to see the solar eclipse coming up next week? I actually am not, although I'm in driving distance to the path of totality. Sadly enough there's news coming out that it may be cloudy that day in some parts of the state of Oregon. However, it may be too soon to tell.

I couldn't resist looking into some old newspapers that talk about the solar eclipse. I caught this headline in the Lewiston Evening Journal of January 22, 1925.

The headline reads, "Get Ready for the Solar Eclipse."

I also can't help but notice that headline. "It all depends on the weather."  I can't help but think of the weather service tweet this morning:

That sure would disappoint a lot of people heading up to Oregon!

Curious how things turned out for the people of Lewiston?

Well, according to a headline on January 24, 1925, "Ideal Conditions for Watching Eclipse in Lewiston and Auburn."

This crowd got a real treat!

Read these articles here and here.

Are you doing anything on the day of the eclipse? 

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What I Regret About Ghostwriting

August 5, 2017

A couple of years ago, I did ghostwriting for a marketing firm. It was really easy writing and I made some pretty okay money. Then after a moment of realizing how overwhelmed I felt doing it, I stopped.

Today, I was looking over my email in search of something I've written before and I came across post after post that I sent to them to use. I realized how many articles I had written during that time.  My heart tugged with regret as I looked through all of those articles. I googled a few and spotted them online still, none with my name on them. Yet, it wasn't really just about my name getting on articles. There was more to it.

1) I was never writing for myself.

I recall vividly that I was not making it a point to write for myself. I think I maybe was blogging at the time, but I never made it a point to write - seriously write - for myself the way I was for them.

2) I gave up the good stuff.

I accidentally gave them an article to use that I meant to submit elsewhere. I always want to use my best whenever I write, whoever I write for, but now I wish I had taken caution and kept a few of those gems for my own portfolio.

3) I didn't build off of the work I was doing.

At the time, I wasn't thinking long term. I also wasn't seeking new writing opportunities as well. Not really. I was just churning out work to help make ends meet. It helped, sure, but I wasn't expanded and pushing myself outside of those bounds of that gig.

Now, I guess I'm in a bit better point.  I still do some freelance writing and even ghostwriting, but I also learned along the way to not put all my eggs in one gig's basket. I did and devoted way too much of myself and channeled way too much creativity towards one thing. I won't do that again.

I think also if I had tempered my pace a little with them, I wouldn't have felt so overwhelmed. Creativity is a well and you need to feed it as well as draw from it. The way to feed your creative well, in my opinion, is to spend time doing something creative that has no business strings attached. Write and creative for fun. For you. And that is the lesson I needed to learn. That feeds the well. 
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