Book Thought of the Day - Will Justice Be Done? #AmReading

April 28, 2016

I decided to try out a new feature to my blog and see how well this goes. I'm currently reading "All Things Cease to Appear" by Elizabeth Brundage. And I'm nearing the end of the book. The process of reading this book has been entirely revolving around, "Will the person who did this get away with it?"

You get to see first hand what this killer is doing and how he manages to get away with it, even when someone gets close to finding out. He STILL manages to get away. Well, the end of the book has jumped ahead about 20 years and now I'm plagued with that question still, "Will the killer get away with it?"

When I'm reading a book like this, when you have very little sympathy for the killer and what he does, I find that I'm so afraid that somehow this person will get away with it. Reading this book has been quite the ride too because it starts out with you know who died, yet you are following along her story and life for the rest of the book. It has some other complications thrown in of course and it is more than just a murder mystery book. It seems to be about the plight of the unhappy if I was being honest.

I sure hope it doesn't turn out the way I fear it will. But we'll see. I'll make sure to write my review once I'm done with the book.

By the way, I got this book through the Book of the Month club which I am now partnered up with in their affiliate program. Personally if my budget wasn't so tight right now, I would go for this subscription! It's a lot of fun and I find that I enjoy getting the mail each month. You can get 30% off your 3 month subscription by using the code MAY30, so subscribe today. This next month's book will be chosen by "How I Met Your Mother" star Josh Radnor.

Until then, what are you reading? I would love a suggestion! 

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10 Scary Movies I Would Hate to be Stuck In

April 20, 2016
scary movies, horror movies

I have to say that I love a good scary movie. And the horror genre is one of my favorites to take a look at! (Except when it's gory. I hate that.) So there's a few movies out there that I've thought to myself, "I'd be miserable from the get go in that movie." Or some that have just stayed with me long after the movie has been done. So I was thinking about this lately - the movies I would absolutely HATE to be stuck in. Here's my ten -

1) Blair Witch Project

This classic movie that introduced the whole faux found footage to the horror genre. It isn't one of my favorites though and I have to tell if I managed to be stuck in this movie, it would be horrible. And horrible not because of the Blair Witch rumors. For me, I hate the woods and I don't like camping. I'm really sure I would make everything worse.

Check it out on IMDB.
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2) Nightmare on Elm Street

Although this is a movie on my "watch list", I'm a little nervous about the whole idea of someone coming into your dreams and killing you in your dream for real. The whole concept would be pretty awful for me especially, because I dream so vividly. So, this one may be a must see but would be horrid for me to be stuck in.

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3) Devil

It's one of the movies I really like, but you know what has recently changed my mind completely about whether or not I'd like to be stuck in the movie? This story about a woman in China who died after being stuck in an elevator for a month. Read about it here.

So considering the idea of not only being stuck in an elevator on a high rise, just think about the company you'll be keeping in THIS movie.

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4) Cloverfield

My favorite monster movie! I am sort of a sucker for found footage horror movies too. And I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie's follow up 10 Cloverfield Lane (although not TECHNICALLY a sequel). But I wouldn't want to be stuck in this movie because aside from the fact that the entire city is under attack by a monster, I would NOT want to face those horrid underground spiders!

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5) The Exorcist

The music for this movie is awesome, but there's a little too much in this movie for me to want to even be stuck in it for a minute. Reading the book is as close as I want to get!

6) It Follows

The concept of this movie is creepy - you sleep with someone and then the curse they've been carrying has passed along to you. The curse? Some creepy looking monster people only you can see start to come after you! Scary. I saw this one last year and it was VERY good. But it gave me a nightmare and so that killed the whole idea of me wanting to be stuck in the movie. The idea of someone unseen coming after me *shudder*. No thank you.

7) The Conjuring

I really like this movie and I love the transition from a pleasant happy start to something very disturbing and all consuming. One scene that gets me every time - that I still think about as I sleep - was when that one girl is in her room and smells something really nasty and then the ghost or SOMETHING near her bed starts tugging at her feet. Watch it here -

So no-go on this movie. I could not be stuck in this one!

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8) The Strangers

So I live in an apartment complex. So you wouldn't think I'd be this freaked out by this movie. But you know what? Any time I hear a neighbor come home late at night, I always think of this movie and how horrid it would be for some weirdo to knock on the door - AND NOT LEAVE. This would be way too terrifying and I don't think I'd be much help here.

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9) The Mist

I think I'm most afraid of movies that include large mutant insects. This is one of them. I wouldn't want to be in this movie AT ALL. I do like it though, although [SPOILER] the ending was VERY stupid.

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10) The Descent

Not a movie I have seen yet, but I know I wouldn't do well in this movie at all. The whole cave thing and spelunking and then you have these terrible awful things after you. *shudder*

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Chat with Author Nathan Rollins & Win Prizes! #AnyMeansNecessary

April 6, 2016
Ready to join me again for another Twitter Party?

This time I will be chatting with author Nathan Rollins about his exciting new book, "By Any Means Necessary." You will be SO glad you joined in, this sounds really good.

About the Book

Twin sisters. One brutally murdered. The other returning home. The police are doing nothing. And a killer is playing a game. He killed her sister to get her home. He wanted a challenge. He wanted a target who could fight back. Can she find the killer and do what needs to be done? Or will he win his twisted game.

About the Party

The party will be on April 24th at 2pm PST and make sure you use the hashtag #AnyMeansNecessary so I know you are joining in. 

If you haven't joined in a Twitter Party before, particularly ones with authors, I'll be asking Nathan some questions about his book and his writing process and then I'll be asking the participants some questions (meaning YOU) and you will get the chance to win prizes. PLUS you will have the chance to ask Nathan some of your own questions too!

Here's some of the prizes - 

Grand Prize - $15 Amazon Gift Card
5 Winners - $10 Amazon Gift Card

Make sure you RSVP below so I know you're joining in on the fun! Plus, be sure you are following me @BeingTheWriter on Twitter as well as author Nathan Rollins @Nathan_Rollins1. Enter your Twitter user name, link to your Twitter account home page, and your email (see how I've done it below). Also by RSVP'ing I'll be tweeting you a reminder to join in before the party starts, so you won't miss it!

And make sure you click the tweet below so I know you are joining in on the fun!

Chat with @BeingTheWriter & @Nathan_Rollins1 about his book #AnyMeansNecessary at 4/24 at 2pm PST RSVP to win prizes

Here are some disclaimers -

Winners to be announced throughout the Twitter Party. I am not responsible for shipping the prizes to the winner. Selections of winners are random and based on whether or not the participant has participated in Twitter party and include hashtag # in their tweets in response to questions asked of participants throughout the party. Prize winners will be announced throughout the Twitter Party and must follow necessary directions to claim prize. Please only RSVP once. Multiple RSVPs will not increase chances to win prizes. I have been compensated to host this Twitter party. I am not eligible for prizes.
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