5 Scary Movies That Deserve a Sequel

October 28, 2015
I am an admitted scary movie fan - even the campy ridiculous horror movies tickle my fancy on occasion. And although you have some movies like Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street that can't get ENOUGH of sequels, there are others horror movies that have so much potential for another chapter. So I thought I'd write up a post about five horror movies that I think deserve a sequel...especially since Halloween is just around the corner.

1) Sixth Sense (IMDB page)


I think most of us have either seen this movie or heard of it, but it's basically about a little kid who has the ability to see dead people. Well, with that plot summary out of the way, I've been thinking about this sequel possibility for a long time. Even though Haley Joel Osmond is no longer a kid, but I feel like he could easily pull off being maybe a professor at a college and he gets involved with helping a ghost OR maybe he finds out that there is a kid out there just like him who has the ability to see ghosts.

This is just one of my favorite horror movies that I feel like could play out another story.

2) It Follows (IMDB page)

So this was recently released last year, so I guess it isn't fair to demand a sequel already, but there is a lot of sequel potential in this movie. It's about a teenage girl who has these creepy invisible zombie-like things that only she can see's that attack her - if they can get to her. It starts out when a guy she's slept with passes along this curse to her that she can only pass along if she sleeps with someone else. The creatures walk freakishly slow - slow enough for someone to run - but they look scary and are relentless to get to you.

I think this has potential to carry forward, mostly because I don't think this movie explored enough of these creatures. How did this even start and does it really stop? So, I'd like to see this quietly scary horror movie continue again. Maybe with a brand new set of characters, I imagine and a background of how these horrifying creatures even came to be.

3) Stir of Echoes

Okay, I know there was already a second movie made, but let's be honest, that second movie was awful. It was just terrible. I know I'm giving myself away here, but can you tell that I like movie's based around people that see things others don't? I love it. But this movie - based on  man who starts seeing images of a woman who has been killed in his house (and his creepy little boy who does too) - could have a similar sequel as the Sixth Sense idea that I had. The son was young enough in the movie that they could find an older actor who could play an older version of him. The new version could also carry forward another frightening ghost that has a need for their murder to be solved and needing someone out there to solve it.

4) The Strangers

The Strangers poster

Kind of a cop out considering this movie already has plans of a sequel to come out, but this movie is based on a couple who go off to a cabin in the middle of the night, only to find there's someone knocking at their door that won't go away. Obviously, it gets much worse from there. It's a frightening movie to watch at night and I've always enjoyed it. It's a little gory though, especially towards the end but I can imagine this same trio who attack the couple to find themselves again at yet another house in the middle of the woods to attack a new batch. Or instead of playing out the same plot line, maybe Liv Taylor's character hunts that trio down after hearing of a series of break-ins and home invasions with a similar theme as the one she survived. Oops, Spoiler alert.

Or even better the trio that attacked Liv Tyler start to stalk her again. Or maybe a different setting entirely, like a school, maybe? Like a teacher is staying late on night and thus the terrifying situation begins.

5) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (IMDB 1978)

If you haven't seen this classic movie theme, I highly suggest that you do. I recommend the one from 1978 with Donald Sutherland. But the thing is you always learn about the DISCOVERY of the alien invaders. You never really get to find out what has happened ten years down the road. Although there have been about two remakes since the 1953 original - the 1978 included - I would love to see an actual sequel take place where we find out what people do that ARE normal and haven't been invaded yet. Do we live underground? Do we attempt to blend in like what happened towards the end of the 1978 Invasion? Is it possible to take them down long after they've already come in? I'd love to see. It's a theme that's been done a lot but I want to see more and I think there's potential.

So what about you? Are there any horror movies or scary movies that cry out for a remake?


  1. It can be hard with remakes. There's a classic from the 40s called The Uninvited, a ghost story with Ray Milland, but I doubt anyone could remake it in a good way.

    1. I just looked this one up on IMDB - that looks GOOD! I put it on my watch list :)

  2. My two cents on sequels - The Sentinel and Let's Scare Jessica to Death.

    1. I have the movie "Let's Scare Jessica to Death" on my watchlist now! I haven't seen that one!

  3. Some sequels are worth watching!!

  4. A sequel to "The Sixth Sense" sounds almost impossible, because the "hook" is already exposed. People would be expecting the shock finish, which would make the whole thing pointless. I agree about the others, though.

  5. I love Sixth Sense and watch it every time it is rerun on TV but agree that it would be difficult to make a sequel!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  6. The Sixth Sense could definitely use a sequel. I could definitely see that kid as an adult, still seeing dead people.

  7. The only one I've seen is the Sixth Sense, but then again I spent most of my life being way too scared to watch movies like these. Now that I'm older I really enjoy everything about Halloween, hauntings and scary stories. Still a little weary about most movies haha, but slow progress is being made ��


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