Twitter Party Announcement - #SoaringHigh - August 8th at 2 PM

July 22, 2015
I am happy to announce we have another book launch to celebrate! This time it will be with Jennifer Ott and we'll be discussing her newest book Time of Useful Consciousness. We'll be celebrating on August 8th at 2 pm with hashtag #SoaringHigh. I got inspired to select the hashtag for this Twitter Party #SoaringHigh based on the description of the novel. Read about it below -

Louisa Unger, a young German woman in Post-War World II Germany kills a man in cold blood. Despite her crime, her fate is up to her - give up her  countrymen for her freedom. She decides to play the loyalty card and remain in prison.

During the interrogations, Louisa weaves her tale of the events by evading any real information. She relives reuniting with her estranged brother Freddy, falling in love with Kris, a former reconnaissance pilot and learning to fly to a plane. She recounts in fairy tale fashion of monsters cloaked in shadows and lessons learned by incorrigible children.

Seduced into the bliss of romance and flying, Louisa fails to recognize any threat. She grows immersed in the life of a smuggler, a pilot and a lover. It is hard to come back down to earth, when soaring so high.

I think this sounds like an amazing, thrilling book! I can't wait to talk to the author about it. We'll be having a Q&A session with the author (I'll be asking some questions, but you can too!). Also, participants will have the chance to win prizes throughout the party. And actually, I am pretty stoked about these prizes. They sound amazing!

You will have the chance to win the following:

    1. An ebook copy of “A Soul to Shine." (Read about this book here).

2. Starbucks $5.00 Gift Card.

3. Amazon $5.00 Gift Card

4. Coffee Mug (pictured above)

5. Wooden Book Marker (pictured above)

6. Journal (pictured above)

All I need you to do to win one of these awesome prizes is enter your information below or if the form isn't showing up for you, just follow this link. Also, one random participant will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card door prize. So again, join us August 8th at 2pm! 

Make sure to check out Jennifer Ott's webpage for more details about this book and others as well as where you can purchase a copy.

Disclaimer: Winners to be announced throughout the Twitter Party, including the winner of the door prize. I am not responsible for shipping the prizes to the winner. Selections of winners are random and based on whether or not the participant has participated in Twitter party and include hashtag #SoaringHigh in their tweets in response to questions asked of participants throughout the party. Prize winners will be announced throughout the Twitter Party and must follow necessary directions to claim prize. Door prize is awarded to a random participant attending the Twitter party. You must have a valid Twitter username and email in order to be contacted for door prize. Prize winners has 24 hours to claim prize. Please only RSVP once. Multiple RSVPs will not increase chances to win prizes.

I have been compensated to host this Twitter Party. I am not eligible for prizes.
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