15 February 2015

How A VPN Can Protect Your Online Activity

I remember once when I was a mentor in college, a student told me, "Do you know how easy it is to hack into a computer that's using public Wi-Fi?" It's true too. Take a look at this article written by the Daily Mail showing you exactly how easy it is to hack into public Wi-Fi settings.

Or just check out this video here:

Well, these days I think internet security and protection is becoming more and more of a concern for people. I ran right into that problem over the weekend as I was looking online for a software I wanted to download onto my new tablet (I had used this software before on another computer). Well, I downloaded a link to what I assumed was that software and ended up downloading a virus. I eventually had to completely reinstall my system.

And it isn't just malicious software we have to worry about. With how much of our information is online, you want to take caution against what people see and how they can track you. That's why I was so excited to partner up with F-Secure and tell you about their newest software the Freedome app (compatible with most devices).

I downloaded this software to my tablet and I have been keeping an the program ever since I had it installed. You will not believe the type of malicious websites and [what else did you see it protecting] that it protected me from. Just take a look here:

You can use this software in addition to you're virus protection. It's that added layer protection that you need while you are online. It's privacy in addition to security. You can basically be invisible online and that's SO important for your protection.

First of all, downloading the program is EXTREMELY easy. It's just a few seconds. Next, it starts tracking immediately - you can turn it off and on as easy as you want. It also doesn't interfere with your regular security software.

This is such an important software to add to your devices. And I want to encourage everyone reading this to take a moment to download a 90 day trial and give it a try. You will be extremely impressed with what you find.

Simply follow this link here  and use the code qsf257 for your 90 day free trial.

What steps do you take to protect your identity online?

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  1. Thanks for pointing this out. At present, I don't use wireless, but I frequently change passwords on everything.

  2. I never new how good a VPN could be for the average user.

  3. This is good stuff to find out about, I will look into a VPN.

  4. It has been a long time since anyone has any comments about VPN's and I really appreciate the insight.


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