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January 4, 2015
I hope it isn't too late for a "favorite books of 2014" post! But this past year, I've read a lot of great books, and some had been sitting in my "to be read" list for quite some time. In reality, I've never been great at tracking what I've read, and for the most part, my attempt at tracking what I want to read isn't any better. But I finally accepted Goodreads into my life and it's helped me (when I can remember) to keep track of what I want to read and what I've already read.

So far I've really gotten into series', and I've found a lot that are very good. So the first one on my list, is a book called, "The Compound" by S.A. Bodeen.

The Compound by S.A. Bodeen
It's about Eli, a teen living with his family in an underground compound after managing to avoid an attack and possible world destruction. For six years now they've been living underground, assuming the worst about some of their loved ones still on the outside. But things start to fall apart and everything is not as they seem. And Eli's father won't let them out or tell them what's going on.

Adults are definitely allowed to read Young Adult fiction, so for all you grown ups out there afraid to embrace your love of YA, don't be afraid, you are not alone. I love these books too!

I highly recommend this book and definitely think you should add this to your reading list this year. Visit Goodreads and this to your list or visit and purchase a copy.

You will probably notice that I've really gotten into science fiction this past year, because my next favorite book of 2014 is science fiction novel "American Elsewhere" by Robert Jackson Bennett.

American Elsewhere
It's about a woman Mona Bright who inherits a home left to her by her estranged father who just passed away. The home she inherited is in the middle of nowhere in a town called Wink. Yet, there's more to Wink that meets the eye and the neighbors and townspeople are beginning to seem more strange than normal as each day goes on. There are mysteries to uncover and secrets that happen only when it's dark.

I swear this book ushered me into the realm of science fiction. It's an intense book filled with aliens and dark places found beyond our universe. It doesn't start out overly complicated and without giving anything away I absolutely loved the ending.

So I really think you should add this to your reading list. Visit Goodreads and this to your list or visit and purchase your own copy.

Okay, the next book is a young adult apocalyptic novel with a dash of aliens mixed in there too (I told you I was way into science fiction in 2014!). It's called "The 5th Wave" by Rick Yancey. I've only read book one and I'm determined to get my hands on book two soon.

The 5th Wave
It's about a "wave" of attacks on the human race meant to destroy every trace of humanity left on Earth. Cassie and her family are in a fight to survive. When the 5th wave hits, Cassie realizes that she can't trust anyone but herself and her own instincts. Until she meets Evan Walker and she begins to wonder if she's met someone she can finally trust. Soon it becomes about more than just her own survival - it's becomes about survival of humanity.

This book was so exciting and I absolutely can't wait to read the second one. Ever since I got into the Unwind series by Neil Shusterman I've been dying to find a replacement (the Unwind series will reach it's end with the final book soon to come out!). This may just be the series that competes with that one.

Add this to Goodreads or purchase your copy.

Okay, for my next book, I'm going to move away from science fiction a bit, and tell you about an author I've discovered this year named Susan Hill! She's author of the book "The Woman in Black" (and yes, the book is better) as well as many other spooky gothic stories. These books are actually perfect to read during a foggy, cold, gray January so if you are looking for something to set the mood I highly recommend picking up a few copies of her books (any of them).

If I was to recommend one in particular I would say read 'The Man in the Picture." It's about a Venetian painting and the demons it hides. An old professor tells its tale to a former student and soon the curse of what lies within the painting finds more victims. It's a very quick read, but it leaves you feeling chilly and frightened.

Add this book to Goodreads (as well as ANY of her other gothic horror novels) or purchase your copy.

Last but not least, something completely opposite of any of these books is a book I found early in 2014 and I have yet to spot the second in the series in the library. It's an adorable, breezy summer read that you'll want to pick up the next time you want to go to the beach (when the weather isn't so awful). It's called "Seaside Harmony, Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn" by Evangeline Kelley.

Seaside Harmony
It's about these three sisters who visit the coast following the death of their late mother. They stumble across an abandoned inn and soon Caroline talks her sisters into purchasing the inn and breathing it back into life. I am a sucker for this type of novel because it's always one of those daydreams of mine to own an inn or a little bookstore or something on the coast. I get to live through these three characters as they revive the inn and uncover the mysteries of the past.

Make sure to add this to your reading list on Goodreads or purchase it on Amazon.

That's my brief recap of my favorite reads of 2014! Soon I'll be following with my must-reads for 2015.

What were your favorite books of 2014? Any recommendations you can give me? 


  1. I haven't heard of that other Susan Hill book before, but I have read The Woman In Black.

  2. The one about the Inn sounds interesting.

  3. Haven't heard of these titles, before. They all look very interesting. Wish I could get more time to read, I love it!

  4. I wish I had more time to read in-depth novels like I want to..I've just been so busy. 2014 was spent reading a lot of books related to social media, and a lot of reference books for my writing projects. I also read a lot of 'list' books for personal enjoyment. This year, I vow to read more. I'd like to finish 'We Need to Talk about Kevin' and get 'Orange is the New Black.'

  5. My son would love the first one. It is right up his alley

  6. It's never too late to share your thoughts on books in my humble opinion. :) The Wave looks intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Seaside Harmony looks like one I'd like to take to the beach with me this summer.

  8. American Elsewhere looks amazing! Adding it to my wishlist on Amazon :)

  9. Sounds like a good list! Seaside Harmony sounds like my kind of book too!


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