08 December 2014

How to Select the Perfect Domain Name

When it comes to selecting the domain name for your website, there are endless possibilities for choices. However, your domain name plays a large part in your brand identity and in your website’s visibility on the Internet, so choosing the right name is paramount for ensuring the success of your website. Here are a few pointers for selecting the right domain name. 

Brainstorm 5 Top Keywords

The first thing you need to consider when looking for a domain name is the keywords associated with your business. Have 5 or 6 different related terms or phrases ready when you begin your domain search. For example, if you are launching a financial website, consider terms like money, finance, interest rate, etc and play with those until you find something that clicks. 

Make the Domain Unique

Some people swear by having a domain name that is similar to one that is being used by a popular website. However, you wind up getting a lot of traffic that has no interest in what you are offering. Stay away from plurals, misspellings and hyphenated versions of popular names already in use. 

Stick with Dot Coms

When it comes to the general population, the only websites that really exist are the dot coms. Of course, there are a ton of extensions out there like .net, .org, .biz, and .tv to name a few, but using them means that you’ll miss out on a ton of traffic relating to those who will remember your domain name and not your extension. 

Make it Easy to Type/Remember

Good domain names will stick in the minds of your customers. Domain names should be short and be easy to type so that their fingers will find the keys naturally. Try to skip domain names that don’t use q,z,x, c and other hard to reach letters on the keyboard.

Create and Fulfill Expectations

You want your domain name to trigger an instant recognition when your customer hears it. Not only will customers be able to remember it more easily, it also takes less branding in order to draw more traffic. 

And these suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. Your domain name needs to be able to tell a story in just a few characters and draw customers in. If you need more help to find domain name, you can use a domain name selection tool to help you. 

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  1. Something to keep in mind for down the line!

  2. All great advice too! I just bought Geekssentials.com :)

    Still working on building the website though.


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