24 October 2014

No NaNoWriMo for This Writer (And Here's Why)

In just about a week or so, writer's everywhere will be giving up showers, eating, and blissful reading time to hit the 50,000 word mark for their potential novel in honor of National Novel Writing Month.

I've tried NaNoWriMo in the past and it hasn't worked out for me. First of all, lately, I've gotten more interest and involved in writing short stories. They don't have the same all encompassing quality working on a novel does, which I do miss sometimes, but I love the tightened quality of a short story.

But most of all, my biggest weakness right now isn't racing to finish a first draft. My biggest weakness is editing and rewriting. Getting critiqued and rewriting. Submitting, being rejected, and rewriting. Do you see a common thread here? I have the first draft part of things down. The huge chunk of finished, but not typed, short stories proves that.

So I will dedicate my November to not a first draft but to buckling down and actually getting stories typed, edited, submitted, rewritten, and repeat.

Will you be taking part in this year's NaNoWriMo? Or will you be pursuing a different challenge?  
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  1. No, I've never taken part in it. It's the wrong time of year for me- papers to do or papers to mark takes up the better part of the month.

  2. Sounds like me. I seem to find the short story or flash fiction easier to handle as well. Plus I am just recovering from a blogging strain caused by laptop usage. Weak shoulder now.

    *Shailaja's Post*

  3. Oh my gosh, no way! Once was enough. I actually write a fair bit. Writing prompts help bust the writer's block. I do not like to write as if I'm cramming for a test. Some people enjoy the challenge of a deadline, but I prefer soft deadlines.

  4. I participate just to write. I spend the majority of my year writing for clients, November is my time to just write whatever I feel like writing.


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