02 October 2014

My Thoughts on Passwords (And Who Won the iPad Mini?)

Talking about passwords has made me very conscious of my online security. One of the key pieces of information I learned through the process of talking about this and listening to your advice is basically staying "in the know" about the newest dangers impacting your security.

I find that staying active online and keeping informed through either word of mouth, social media, or national news on what accounts may be at risk. I have so many different online accounts that keeping up to date with everyone is so hard. That's why I was so excited to hear about F-Secure KEY and the ability to have at least one central place (aside from the notebook in my purse) to keep passwords (and keep them secure).

I also wanted to share with you an infographic that talks about passwords and keeping your information secure (and away from prying eyes)! (Click the image below to see a larger version!)

I highly recommend you download the app (or the desktop app) and experience the latest technology in online security. You can download the app here.

Download KEY on Android/iOS
Android: Go to Menu-Help- Enter PREMIUM VOUCHER
iOS: Help Menu- Promotional Code
*After redeeming offer on mobile device PREMIUM works on PC/Mac as well

Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to announce the winner of the iPad Mini giveaway - Amanda S from Massachusetts! The winner has already been contacted (and the info is now displayed on the Rafflecopter Widget).

Congrats to Amanda and thanks to everyone who entered!

This is a sponsored post for which I will receive compensation. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. 


  1. great infographic It is scary how easy it is to hack into accounts. I have mine my passwords pretty long and I have to write them down because there are so many letters, numbers and symbols. I am definitely going to look into the app. Thanks

  2. I store my password information in a spreadsheet in the cloud (not my password itself).

    www.facebook.com userID password hint
    www.twitter.com userID password hint

    I never store my actual password in the same file. In another file, I have password hint and password without any labels, so they wouldn't really make sense to the average Joe stumbling across them and they have no association to any website.

  3. Passwords frustrate me. I know to make things more secure, all of your passwords should be different, and that they should be changed every couple months, and that they should be a complicated series of numbers, letters, symbols and smoke signals, and that you should never tell anyone your passwords, or write them down anywhere they might be found, but under all those conditions, a person like me is just as likely to be permanently locked out of her own accounts. It's happened before. I can't access my skype anymore because I've forgotten the password, and I can't recover it, because it's connected to an email address that I had to abandon because I forgot the password to it!


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