15 September 2014

Anyone Else Tired of Changing (And Remembering) Their Password?

With all of the hacking going on, whether it's online banking, emails, or social networking sites, the passwords we select are becoming more and more important. We all know that we shouldn't select "password" as our password, but as creative as I think I am, it's getting harder and harder to think of something unique for every new account I have to create (or for every time that I have to go in and change my password).

I'm partnering up with F-Secure to bring you a new app (as well as free software you can download to your computer) that will help all of us with problem.

The benefits I'm already finding by downloading this software -

1) Easy download.

This took me less than a couple of minutes to download and it didn't overwhelm my computer. I know the last thing you need is any additional security software, but I promise you this won't interfere with a thing and it will be a seamless process.

2) Easy to add password information.

I downloaded the PC version and I thought it was really simple to use. That is one key factor into getting me into using software like this - if it's easy to figure out, I'm more than likely to stay with it.

3) News alerts.

There are news alerts featured in the software that give you a head's up every time there is (yet another) data vulnerability, hacking alert, or anything that may put your information at risk.

4) Password generator.

I think this is the best feature of all - the password generator. I think this is the most important feature on the software - not only will it be easy to figure out what these passwords are (thanks to this software safely storing your information), you now can easily get secure passwords that aren't easily hacked. No more "password" passwords any longer! We can do so much better than that people.

This is just the beginning of course - there are so many more features to find with this software! You can download this for free too. There is a paid version and the benefit is that you can sync across devices (so, download to your PC and smartphone and you can sync up the passwords you have saved).

For me, I usually scribble down passwords into a notebook and this app is a lot better for me to use. I also don't have to worry about what will happen if I lose my notebook. Plus this is a lot safer than just asking Google Chrome to remember passwords for you.

So join me in this venture to get ourselves more secure online, download the F-Secure KEY app or software, by visiting this link. For more information about F-Secure, I highly recommend checking out this particular link that discusses their safety and how your information is secure.

Best of all, you get to try out the PREMIUM version for two months - free. Just use the code and follow the instructions below -


Redeem code:
Download KEY on Android/iOS
Android: Go to Menu-Help- Enter PREMIUM VOUCHER
iOS: Help Menu- Promotional Code
*After redeeming offer on mobile device PREMIUM works on PC/Mac as well

Has your account information ever been hacked into? Do you have any tips or tricks into thinking up new passwords? 

Download F-Secure Key.

This is a sponsored post for which I will receive compensation. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.
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  1. Cool! I think all these passwords swirling around my head are giving me gray hair....

  2. Uggg, I can never keep up with them all!! I will definitely have to check this out because I agree with Melissa, I think trying to remember them all is the cause of my gray hair!!

  3. i have a hard time remembering mine... :D

  4. I need to do this. I just freaked myself out because I thought I had been scammed and I had to change all my passwords! It turned out that everything was fine, but you can never be too sure! So hard to remember all the different ones and keep things safe and secure these days!

  5. I don't have a problem with passwords- I pick something that'll only mean something to me, and be pretty irrelevent otherwise, and mix it up a bit here and there.

  6. I think this is such a fabulous campaign. I'm so excited to be a part of it and get it going!

  7. That looks like it is a great option to all those passwords we have in our heads and pieces of paper... Thanks for the info!
    M -MU

  8. I'll have to check this out. I'm the person that has all my passwords wrote down in a mile long list! LOL


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