01 August 2014

Addictive Reading Habits - The Best Worst Times to Read #AmReading

Link: http://xkcd.com/238/

I just finished reading the book, "The Woman in Black" by Susan Hill. She's one of the few authors I've read regularly (I've read about four or five of her books!) and although I hate to use the word favorite about any author or book (I don't want anyone to get jealous), she comes pretty close. The stories she writes are creepy and the settings are so vivid.

And once I started reading this book, I could barely put it down, it was that addictive. It made me wonder though about everyone else's reading habits. I had started this book over the weekend and I usually bring a book to work so I can read it on my way home. But I almost didn't have the patience with this one, I was so tempted to sneak it into a trip to the bathroom and read it in the stall!

I didn't, of course. I worried that someone would assume I was going # 2 and we wouldn't want that.

I decided to ask around to some other bookworms and see where their reading obsessions have taken them!

"I used to read while I was breastfeeding at night but they certainly weren't addictive books, they were all rubbish but my brain was mush and all I could cope with! I did see a woman walking along the street reading a book the other day - I thought to myself that must be a good book!"
-Clara W.

"Most awkward time? Probably at work and having my manager walk into my office and seeing me with book and bookmark in hand!"
-Michael L. 

"At a religious ceremony. I was 15 and was dying to see how this romance novel I was reading would end. I covered it up really well. Bad right? Lol. Sorry."
-Omi J. M. 

"I started a book then I had to take it to an awards dinner because I couldn't put it down."
-Gabrielle P. 

"When I've been stuck on hold waiting for a company to answer the phone... "You are tenth in the queue..." - time to read and stick phone on speaker phone while I wait!"
-Chrissie P. 

"I started a book on a trip to Italy. Arrived in Italy and stayed up all night to read it. Then I was too exhausted to appreciate the sights of Venice."
-Wendy J. 

"I discovered the Harry Potter books while working as an AV tech at the University of North Texas. I walked all over campus as part of the job, and so I just walked around campus carrying the books in front of my face and reading straight through, even reading while I did maintenance, etc., on the equipment. I may or may not have even read some while driving. I actually read through the first five books in a week."
-S. Kyle D.

"A wedding. I had my book in the car, and every little lull in activity I would duck out for 5 minutes for book time. I think people started thinking I was a closet smoker." -Jamie Jordan

I found these stories hilarious! Makes me feel a bit better about my reading habits!

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Do you have any weird reading habits? What is the most awkward time you've pulled out a book to read it? 


  1. There are times I've wished I've had a book on me instead of putting up with unpleasant company!

  2. My parents used to take my light bulbs away when I was a kid because I'd stay awake reading until 2 in the morning. I made up for it by learning how to read by moonlight, using finger flashlights and raiding my litebrite. Hehe.

    1. Haha, I used to read in the car at night as a kid and use the brief lights from street lamps we drove under to read! Haha, you gotta love us rebellious bookworms.

  3. I really battle to find time to read. I don't have a commute to work (I walk in) so generally listen to music or think etc. on my way into the office. And nights are usually filled with friends or chores or mindless TV. Usually I read when I get into bed, but I only manage about 4 or 5 pages and then I am shattered. So, it takes me a while to finish a book. I do wish I could read other places ... maybe the loo at work is a good idea:)

    1. DO IT! I've totally read in the bathroom at work. Or that's when e-readers come through because you can read the web app during downtime. :)

  4. I read during commercials because I can't stand them. My husband always asks, "Are you watching TV or reading?" Um, both. ;)

  5. I ran into my junior high Spanish teacher about 5 years after graduation and he said, "I remember you. You're the bookworm!" He said I always had my nose in a book and he'd have to get onto me to make me put the book away when it was time for class to start. That was because I was trying to get to a good stopping point!

    1. Must always find that good stopping point! Haha!


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