07 July 2014

Share Your Favorite Productivity Tips! [Part 3] #WhatMatters

We're onto week three of my productivity posts, and I am amazed by how many of us are struggling day to day with getting productive and how much of it has to do with the level of organization involved.

So I want to compile some of the advice I've received in the comments and feedback over the last couple of weeks and see what you think is the best advice!

"Too many things to commit to only slows you down." - William Kendall

You know, I find this is a big issue for me. Do you have trouble saying 'no'?  I know I do. I tend to overextend myself and take on too much than NOTHING really gets done. This is what I want to work on the rest of this year - cutting back on the crap.

"I prioritize things. The things lower on the list just don't have to be done." - Charity Lyman

I agree with this one to a point, but you know there are some easy quick things I like to make a priority first point in the day because when I get SOME things done, no matter how small, they tend to push me forward to do the bigger projects.

"I try to get my must haves done and then step away from my desk at a reasonable time."
 - Kristen

Taking breaks is SO important. I find when I take little breaks throughout a project I get way more done and I come back clearer headed. If I try to work straight through nothing gets done and that's not good for anyone, is it?

"My calendar is a great friend, espeially combined with my tasks-to-do. Also, keeping everything tidy and organized saves tons of time - my inbox, my desk, my notes. Not cleaning up every once in a while, but keeping it that way all the time (sometimes difficult, but worth it)." - Judit

I am a big to do list girl. I keep my reminder list on my iPhone pretty packed full. Also, like Judit said, keeping my inbox organized regularly can do me wonders for getting things done.

"A list, a timer and no clocks. One hour to finish each task, and if it doesn't get finished, too bad, onto the next one. Ice coffee on hand and all times for the inevitable energy crashes, but never once slow down until everything on the list has had an hour out of the day. Manic fuels manic. It's the only way to feel productive." - NJMagas

Wow, I loved this because it really spoke to my method (especially the coffee part!). But setting a time limit on projects can get you speedy and get you faster to that deadline. The only concern would be increasing number of errors but I tend to get pretty good at avoiding that stuff.

"I've been cutting back on my email notifications (searching out that heartbreaking 'unsubscribe' button) -- too easy to get sucked into checking to make sure I'm not missing anything! I'm better off not knowing. Then I sit down, absolutely FORBID myself to open up the Solitaire, not even to "warm up" (a favorite lie of mine). And start writing. I then find that when I'm called for dinner, I'm right in the middle of something productive and hate to leave. Such a great feeling, but it only happens when I open Word and NOTHING ELSE."  - Eugenia Parrish 

I think that cutting back on distractions (like social media, or books, or cat videos, or...the list could go on) and disciplining myself not to go to those distractions really helps me stay productive. I think this is excellent advice.

I'd love to know what your favorite productivity tip you've ever been told. Make sure to leave a comment below and I might feature you in part 4 of the productivity series!

Also, Goboxi is a brand new service to help you get your email inbox organized and also sets reminders for you based on software that will learn which emails and tasks are most important to you. Subscribe to their site via email to get updates and more info on when you can sign up!

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  1. I have had trouble saying no, and then whatever it was that I agreed to, whether it involves reading a book for an eventual review, or something else, languishes while I'm caught up doing a couple dozen other things.

    1. Same here! Saying no is my biggest hurdle (even when it's too something I want to do I have a hard time saying no to myself!)

  2. I make lists to stay organized but never make it to my emails. I'm also pretty good about signing up for things like GoBoxi (which I have) & then completely forgetting about them since my email is a disaster area itself. Oy!

    1. Same here!! I have the same problems!

  3. procrastination seems to work sometimes as when I have a deadline I work faster. I also need my coffee too.

  4. I tell myself to be a NIKE and JUST DO IT! The sooner I start, the sooner I finish. More time for my myself to spend doing what I like!

  5. I make lists, and then organize them by priority.

  6. For me, it's all about doing a task, finishing it, and then moving on to the next one. I feel like I often get distracted and then move on to another task when I haven't finished the first one. The result is a bunch of tasks half done at the end of the day and I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. At least I know that I have this habit though, that way I can stop myself when I feel that I'm deviating from the task at hand...it's hard though. :)

  7. I always make a list, is easier for me :D

  8. I think I have finally trained my husband to check the wall calendar once in a while!

  9. Mine is to do the toughest thing first.. That way you don't dread it throughout the day and drag through other activities in a bid to avoid the toughest thing.

  10. I have a hard time with time management. I think it's because I rarely tell people no and I end up with so much on my plate I start doing things last minute.

  11. I have to make a list. If not I stumble around and nothing get done.

  12. I have a schedule that is my friend and my downfall. As in, lots of things get done, but it doesn't necessarily give me time for more relaxed pursuits, like reading or writing or taking a stab at emptying out my project box. A lot of this is probably due to being a stay at home mom. There is no clear 'end' to my day because there isn't one, but the schedule helps me go through each one of them and make sure a little of everything gets done.


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