16 July 2014

Five Things Going Through My Head During My Commute Home

So I'm on my bus right now going home and a few things popped into my head that I was going vent about to my personal Facebook page, but I decided to share with you instead.

So here's five observations and thoughts rolling through my head on my way home today -

1) I wish the guy sitting next to me on my bus home would stop falling asleep. He leans on my arm occasionally and it's getting very irritating.

2) I spilled hot sauce in my bag (brought it to work cause of lunch) and I hope no one smells it.

3) I spotted a cop nearby in his car texting while we were at red light.

4) I also have coffee spilled on my pants earlier and have a desperate need to put on clean clothes.

5) I have that song "Work" by Iggy Azalea in my head and it's serving up weird motivation to write when I get home.

What's on your mind?



  1. Mr. Snooze needs to confine his naps to bed, not commutes.

    1. God yes. Yes. I am not someone to nap on. You might get an elbow in the face!

  2. Not a good day for spillages. I'm mostly trying to drum up the enthusiasm for writing, but the story still eludes me ...

    1. I know the feeling! I finally mustered up the motivation to edit a short story and it's been weeks of self talk to get me there.

  3. What's on my mind? Stephen King's "Mr. Mercedes" is on my mind because I'm listening to the audiobook and dear lord! The language, the racist villain, the narration of a sex scene....

    LOL, yeah. I can't stop thinking about this story. King is really good like that. :O

    1. I haven't heard of that book! Now I have to look it up. It must be weird to hear those audio books by him! I wonder who does the narration?

  4. Haha! I know those moments. I try take public transport as little as possible, but when I do there are soooo many things that got through my mind! Currently on my mind? I am counting down the hour until my weekend starts!! Whoop whoop!!!

  5. My weekend started early and thank God! I need it!! :) I hope you have a nice weekend! I have been gettin your blog updates and it's nice to see you back :)


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