27 June 2014

What Are Your Productivity Tips? How Do You Save Time For #WhatMatters? [Part 2]

Last week I wrote about the importance of getting productive this year and my best tips for getting their in your own life.  Recently I sorted through over 5,000 emails in my inbox and it took me a very long time but after a while I started to realize how important it was for me to cut back on the crap in my inbox. Clutter really disorients my thinking in terms of productivity.

So, on this line of thinking, I decided to reach out to a few blogging friends to see what they had to say and of course this posed a challenge to many!

April Hammond over at Faith 'n Pixie Dust said, "Having a clean workspace helps me."

Jenn Decker over at More Than a Mom of Three said, "Having a to do list is the only way I stay on track!"

Cole Martinez said, "Don't try to multitask. It only slows you down."

And then of course a confessed they were terrible at being productive!

So I wanted to reach out to all of my readers and see what you had to say -

How do you save time for what matters the most in your day to day? What are your productivity tips? 

I want to hear what you have to say! Leave a comment and be featured in next week's post!

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  1. Too many things to commit to only slows you down.

  2. priorities, priorities, priorities.... :D

  3. I prioritize things. The things lower on the list just don't have to be done.

  4. I try to get my must haves done and then step away from my desk at a reasonable time!

  5. My calendar is a great friend, espeially combined with my tasks-to-do. Also, keeping everything tidy and organized saves tons of time - my inbox, my desk, my notes. Not cleaning up every once in a while, but keeping it that way all the time (sometimes difficult, but worth it).

  6. A list, a timer and no clocks. One hour to finish each task, and if it doesn't get finished, too bad, onto the next one. Ice coffee on hand and all times for the inevitable energy crashes, but never once slow down until everything on the list has had an hour out of the day. Manic fuels manic. It's the only way to feel productive.

  7. I just do it when I get time, if I run out of time, it doesnt get done....plain and simple. Hehehe

  8. I set 45 min work sessions before a buzzer goes off. This allows me 15 mins to wrap up, clean up or make notes for where to start on the project again. Start a new project on the hour.

  9. I do it when I get a chance. I have to wait until at least one of the boys is napping usually, but having my 7 year old help out helps too!

  10. I've been cutting back on my email notifications (searching out that heartbreaking 'unsubscribe' button) -- too easy to get sucked into checking to make sure I'm not missing anything! I'm better off not knowing. Then I sit down, absolutely FORBID myself to open up the Solitaire, not even to "warm up" (a favorite lie of mine). And start writing. I then find that when I'm called for dinner, I'm right in the middle of something productive and hate to leave. Such a great feeling, but it only happens when I open Word and NOTHING ELSE.

  11. I always write first. If I get stuck or after I finish, I go read email, then do some social media.


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