19 June 2014

Do You Want to Get More Productive? #WhatMatters

Does this look like your office? Photo via Flickr.
I am balancing a lot these days and I think a lot of times I can be overwhelmed with how much I want to do and the time that I have to do it. Anyone else feel this way?

Last week though, I knew one thing that was clogging up my brain and making me lose track of things that I wanted to get done - my email! I use my email for a lot of blogging tasks, and because I'm usually managing multiple blogs, a lot of this can get confusing (which can lead me to get disorganized).

I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to use my personal email as a "to do" list (which serves me better than just writing things down; I lose things when I'm stressed and what's the point of a to do list if you LOSE it?). So, I started in one my own email (which 5,000 emails and several hours later is organized) and it took me a long time to get things sorted and figure out what I missed, what still needs to get done, and what is coming up.

Then, this made me think about productivity overall and what works best for me.

One key factor into getting me productive is to get organized!

This is rough for me to even cheer lead about because I'm definitely NOT the most organized person in the whole world. But once I organized my email and got things sorted and archived things (properly labelled), my overall productivity improved greatly. I got more things done and followed up on projects much easier. My brain wasn't as clogged anymore!

Also, setting goals for myself as well as even small deadlines or tasks, can give me the energy to be productive. I often times will just look at the overall project in general without setting small goals and I will feel overwhelmed.

If I can meet a small tasks or deadline each day or each week, I will feel much more inclined to get myself going for the next hurdle.

Next week I will be reaching out across my social networks and my blog readers for some of your productivity tips! So be sure to follow me @BeingTheWriter or on Google Plus by circling me to be featured in next week's post! Or just come back by next week to comment!

But first, before you go away, I want to introduce you to this amazing new service that will help you with all of your productivity troubles. It's called GoBoxi. And it's a tool that balances everything you need to do in your life, including managing social media AND your email all at the same time by using hashtags to organize things for you.

Best of all, and this is my favorite part, it actually gets to know the things most important to you. Talk about some mind reading. So writers and authors, those publishing projects you have to get done will suddenly get done a lot easier with this tool. And bloggers and virtual assistants out there, you know how you like to organize projects and clients and contacts, this tool is the one you would want to use to organize all of these things.

It also creates tasks for you based on it's automatic learning software or by organizing things by hashtag. Can you imagine the things you could get done? This is sort of like the best assistant you can get out there!

Make sure to watch the video below for details:

So how do you get signed up for this amazing tool? Sign up here for information on when this gets launched!

This post is part of a paid campaign for which I will receive compensation. My opinions are my own.


  1. As a writer and a blogger, this intrigues me. Anxious to watch the video!!

  2. I really need something like this because between 3 kids and 2 jobs I have a lot going on (and yes, my office does look frighteningly like that picture at the top of this post). I think I'm going to look into this. I'll consider anything that will make my life easier!

  3. This sounds like a fantastic tool, always looking for something to make my life easier!

  4. I'll definitely be checking this out in more depth. I always fell like I'm a million steps behind & everything piles up so quickly that I just don't know where to start. I'm a hot mess, I know! ;-)

  5. i have to get rid of some clutter, thanks for your post!

  6. Every few months i make a big effort to get organised but the real trick is staying organised. Once you start to slip things can go south very quickly.


  7. I think that i am pretty productive but I know that when my office gets messy my productivity goes downhill fast. Decluttering is the only way that helps me think clearly.

  8. This Sounds Great I Must Sign Up Thank You For Sharing!

  9. This looks really cool. I signed up and it states that "invites are limited" so I suggest that everyone, if you think it's something interesting, you should sign up to get into the early access queue.

  10. "Productive" is a very important word. My clients are busy, but not productive. But they find that having me there to do tasks, or to bounce ideas off makes a lot of difference. Sometimes we have good intentions, but need a prompt from somebody who has already done it. Then we realise that it really is possible!

  11. LOVE this idea. I'll be watching for upcoming information.

  12. Interesting concept. Can't wait to see how it all pans out. I'm for anything that will simplify my life! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Sounds interesting! I like to be organized. Makes things so much easier in every day life! GREAT post Mahalo!

  14. I am working on being more organized. No matter what I do, it seems the pile gets bigger. I did get most of my clothes folded and put up in the closet the other day.

  15. sounds great! I signed up to find out more about it


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