30 April 2014

Zzzzzzzzzzz'is is The End

Ladies and Gentleman we have reached the end of the alphabet!

I will reflect on this month long journey a little bit later on, but I wanted to wish everyone a huge thank you for coming by and visiting this blog throughout the month.

As a final send off, here's my top five favorite posts that I would highly encourage you to check out for yourself:

5 Valuable Lessons Learned from scary Movies (My V Post)

Updates on My Writing and Blogging Goals (My U Post)

Premonitions - Do You Have This Sixth Sense? (My P Post)

National Storytelling Festival (My N Post)

Would You Stay in a Haunted House (My H post)

I plan on taking a few days off from blogging here! And you know what will I do during my blog-cation?



  1. Whooo hoooo! We made it all the way to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! It's been intense, hasn't it?

    I hope you don't take too long of a break from blogging. I've really enjoyed your posts and plan to work may way back through several of the ones I missed. Really glad to have connected with you this year.

    Will you be doing the A to Z Reflections post on May 5th? I hope so!

    ~Tui Snider~ Dropping by from the A to Z challenge! :D
    @TuiSnider on Twitter
    My blog: Tui Snider's Offbeat & Overlooked Travel
    I am also part of the #StoryDam team, a friendly writing community!

    1. Thank you for your support throughout this challenge! You've been one of my most faithful and entertaining commenters! :) I definitely have more scheduled soon!

  2. Congratulations on surviving and making it across the finish line!

    I'm going to guess you won't be the only one taking a much-needed rest.

    1. No kidding! I won't be posting everyday, that's for sure!

  3. Whew! We did it. Congrats on finishing A to Z.


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