28 April 2014

[X]enoglossy - Knowing a Previously Unknown Language

You'd be surprised to know that the letter X for this challenge was one of the easiest letters I've written for so far.

What is Xenoglossy?

Well, Xenoglossy is the phenomenon where you can speak and write in a language that isn't your own. After doing a little bit of reading online, I learned that this phenomenon is often connected to the idea of past lives and many people have uncovered knowledge of languages (that they didn't before) in a state of hypnosis and their knowledge was connected to previous lives and outdated ancient versions of certain languages.

I'm open to the idea of cases in Xenoglossy being true.

And if I could know any language by heart without having to make an effort to study, it would probably be French. I did study it in college, but I would love to wake up fluent in both French and English.

If you could wake up and be fluent in any language of your choosing, what language would you choose?


  1. What an interesting concept. Well, words are powerful so I'm open to the idea of some cultural resonance running through different lives!

    1. Same here! I would love this to happen to me!

  2. I took four years of spanish and while I can understand it perfectly, can only say one words sentences. And, I lived in China for 5 1/2 years, around people who spoke it all the the time and I can't understand a word. I would love to meet one of these people.

    1. Same here, I have a horrible time retaining a new language.

  3. Neat! I didn't now about the past lives connection. Nice! :-) Good post.


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