09 April 2014

Would You Stay in a [H]aunted House?

Following up my "have you ever seen a ghost" post from yesterday, it was only appropriate to start today off with the topic - haunted houses.

I've never been in a real haunted house before and to be honest, I knew I would be talking about haunted houses today, I just didn't know which ones.

I thought maybe the Amityville Horror house might be a good one (even though the story is fake), but that didn't feel right. The Conjuring house would have also been cool to talk about it, but considering a recent article I read about the family getting tormented by not ghosts, but Conjuring fans who snoop in on the house, I figured that would not have been cool to do (article - ).

So finally I thought...well, I wonder if it's possible to stay overnight in a haunted house?

You mean you've never wondered that?

Well, it's possible.

Click to see a bigger screen! Or visit HauntedRooms.com

I found the site - HauntedRooms.com and you can actually book a room in a haunted house and they have haunted houses from all over the United States.

In my local area, I would probably want to travel to Yachats, Oregon to stay at the Heceta Head Lighthouse - .  According to their website, it's haunted by a woman named Rue and is the wife of a past light keeper and her daughter fell on the cliffs nearby and died.

Would you stay in a haunted house? Which one would you like to visit?


  1. I'd be too afraid of bringing a ghost back with me. No thank you.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  2. Technically I already do live in a haunted house, but whoever's in there with us has good taste in music and doesn't cause trouble, so he or she is fine with me...

  3. OMG i would NEVER stay knowingly in a haunted house!
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  4. I've lived in a few places that were haunted. Most were friendly, but one place was scary. I had repeated nightmares about a dead man sitting on the toilet. *shudder* I'd wake up all sweaty and freaked out! Eventually, I found out from the house owner that a previous tenant had a heart attack in the bathroom and was discovered a few days later on the toilet!

    I'm currently writing a travel guide to haunted places here in north Texas. One B&B I've learned about has a ghost that only visits when women stay by themselves in a particular room. I'm toying with the idea of spending the night there for research... but I also feel a bit chicken, too! Not sure what I'll end up doing!

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