17 April 2014

Ouija Board - Who is Pushing the Oracle? [A Writing Prompt]

It's Saturday night and you are one of the few people left at a party. It's nearing 1 am and you are contemplating simply calling a cab or convincing your former college roommate that it would be a good idea for you to just crash here.

Then someone brings out the Ouija board.

You've never been much of a believer in the game and half the time you feel like it's someone else pushing it.

But as people gather round and some place their hand on the oracle, you realize there is still room for one more. You discard your beer onto a garbage filled side table and sit down on the carpet, leaning into the Ouija board placed into the middle of the room.

Your finger tips barely scrape the top of the oracle. Everyone waits a beat while the giggles settle down and the whispers for everyone to "stop moving it" die down.

And then it begins to move.

Letter by letter it sends it's message. It starts out as funny, almost. One of the people crowded around who simply wanted to watch insists another person is moving it. But when the oracle stops, it's message sends a chill up and down your spin as you realize your life might be in danger.

What happens next? And what did the Ouija board say?


  1. Don't know, but I have to find out!

    Sorry if that's lame. I'm not an instant prompter - I take a day or two to come up with things. :)

    1. That's okay! :) feel free to use it if you get inspired! :)

  2. Hmm, interesting. Maybe it says, I know what you did last night? I've always just believed someone is pushing them, so have trouble feeling they are really ghosts. Great post! If you have time, and want to, you can check out my O post.

  3. "Your Mother-In-Law is coming to stay for a month."

  4. Ouija boards scare me. It probably says "I run on batteries". . .

  5. Confession time - I was always the one to push the pointer.

  6. Creepy!! I imagine it said "Look behind you..." lol

  7. That is the creepiest looking Ouija board I've ever seen!

    Here's a true story: On a Girl Scout sleep over we were playing with a Ouija board. We asked all the typical teenage stuff like "does so and so like me" et cetera. We were having a blast, laughing out heads off, and it was very light-hearted. When our Girl Scout leader saw what we were up to, however, she scolded us, saying that the Ouija board was a "bunch of baloney."

    As if in reply, the planchette spelled out, "Do not listen to madame of skeptic. Her real name is Mrs. Smith."

    Well, "Smith" is a pretty common last name, but we knew her as an unmarried woman with a much different last name. We figured that the message was meaningless. It certainly didn't make any sense to us...

    Long story short, when we relayed this message to her, our scout leader's eyes got really big and she said, "Who told you that?"

    No matter what we said, she absolutely refused to believe we'd gotten that info from the Ouija board. She also refused to tell us anything more about it.

    A couple weeks later, we found out that she was, in fact, in the process of divorcing a man who lived in another state who had the last name of Smith. So, technically, her last name was still Smith until the paperwork was finalized...

    Years later, it still freaks me out to remember that incident!

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