15 April 2014

[M]othman Prophecies - The Myth, The Movie

Mothman Prophecies is one of the creepiest movies I seen in a long time. Every time I watch this film, I get weirded out and get that creeping sensation like something is in the same room with me as I watch it.

The movie is based on real events that happened in Point Pleasant, VA. Citizens in the town reported seeing a mothlike creature and these sightings continued to happen until the collapse of the Silver Bridge. There is actually an old newspaper published online that discusses the sightings that happened during this period of time too (read it here).

At first, the reason for the bridge's collapse remained a mystery but later its collapse was attributed to negligence. (read the one year anniversary of it's collapse here). There is also more reported sightings of the Mothman (read a blog post I found about other recent sightings here), so it doesn't surprise me that this mysterious legend lives on.

One of my favorite quotes form the movie says this, "You've noticed them. And they've noticed you noticing them."

To finish of this post, I'll end with a movie clip -

Do you believe there's a "Mothman"? Have you ever seen it?


  1. I love mothman, as in the idea of him creeps me out, and I love that. I always manage to find some weird documentary about him on TV at some time, but I've never seen Mothman Prophecies. I think he's real, the Illuminati just must have something to do with it. ;)

    1. I love those documentaries about him :) So creepy!

  2. I haven't seen this one, I am curious though!

  3. i dont like to be scared but i remember when this movie came out. that line? creeeeepy!
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