05 April 2014

[E]lves - The Origin and a Creepy Murderous Elf on the Shelf Blog

I was having a hard time figuring out what I would write for the letter E. Someone mentioned that I should write about elves, (thanks +Scotty Taylor) and I figured why not?

For some reason I automatically associated the word Elf with Santa's Elves or with the Lord of the Ring's Elf.

But that's not the origin of elves.

Elves are from Norse mythology and "originally imagined as a race of minor nature and fertility gods, who are often pictured as youthful-seeming men and women of great beauty..." (1).

I also learned there is a difference in Elves - Light Elves and Dark Elves. Light elves were gods of nature and fertility and often serves as inspiration for art. Dark elves were used to threaten humans and were once considered the origin of nightmares.

But there's something worse than the Dark Elves of ancient times.

It's the Elf on the Shelf.

I came across the weirdest blog that uses the Elf on the Shelf in murderous situations and you know what? It makes me never want to buy this Christmas Elf. Ever. There's something sinister in those wild, bright eyes.

Check out a screen shot I took (click the photo to see bigger) -


  1. Love the elves in LOTR. I don't like the evil or dark ones.

  2. I've always thought that Elf on the Shelf was creepy, and when I actually found out what it was, it didn't help things at all. I think if I were a child and had an Elf of the Shelf, that thing would go in the garbage disposal so fast. This from someone who thought that if she didn't say good night to her porcelain dolls they would come to life and kill her in her sleep.

    1. Hahaha, you must've been an interesting kid! We totally would've been friends!

  3. I was familiar with Norse mythology, but the dark elf side of things came more from reading Thor comics, where they've been used in that interpretation of the mythology.

    And that Elf On The Shelf thing just comes across creepy... I'll check out the blog!

    1. You should!! Who knew a bright eyed elf could look so evil?

    2. you guys have seen to much CHUCKY.. tsk tsk ;) :D

  4. Too funny! As a mother of four, the youngest almost 15, let me tell you I cannot stand the Elf on the Shelf either. So lame...
    Stopped over from the A to Z challenge. Good luck!

  5. Thats a very imaginative write.
    With E for Elves,now F is fairies?


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