Don't Go [J]ogging Through These Woods - A Writing Prompt #AtoZChallenge #AmWriting

April 11, 2014

You decided to go for a jog.

It's late at night, but since it's almost summertime, you still had daylight left

You put on your headphones and you blast your music. You take the jogging path that's a few miles south of where you live and get lost in the feeling of your feet hitting the ground and the evening air on your skin.

Some time later, you decide it's time to circle back. You're getting tired and the sky is getting dark and it's starting to get foggy.

You turn around, but the path behind you, looks completely different.

Do you know where you are?

Maybe. You decide to run on ahead and yet can't find your way back to the main path. You keep going and soon you come across this house -

You've lost your way and it looks safe enough. So you get closer and knock on the front door.
The door opens and you go inside.

You call out to see if anyone answers.

Then the door slams shut behind you.

What happens next?


  1. ....the following day, your body is found in seventeen pieces by a child that says the zombie plot bunny struck again.

  2. Well, first off I would never go running too close to dark and certainly wouldn't knock on the door of some house I'd never seen before (my town is so small I'd notice!) and under no circumstances would I enter a house without someone inviting me in - verbally. But...if I did and I saw that girl I'd high tail it outa there as fast as possible and pray to God I found my home!

  3. Very creepy! I'm with mshatch -- I'd be out of there if I had to throw a chair through a window to do it!

  4. You're too scared to scream. Then Casper the friendly ghost glides up and says. "Finally"
    You had exactly the same thought.


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