19 April 2014

Do You Have a [Q]uestion Google Can't Answer?

I thought the letter Q for this A to Z Challenge was the hardest, but I decided to bring a feature back to my blog and use this challenge to promote it.

A couple of years ago I launched a feature on my blog entitled, "Do You Have a Question Google Can't Answer?" and I ended up featuring some interesting question and answer segments. 

The first was my own question about a case I heard of when I was in high school and these four teenagers created a horror movie where the victim in the film had no idea this was a real movie in real life. 

My readers also managed to solve the question where someone was trying to find a local area garden statue they couldn't find online. 

I didn't have many questions after that, but I would love to see if there is a renewed interest in this feature of my blog.

So, if you have a question you've never been able to solve by "googling" it, I want to know. Email me your question to npyles86 at gmail dot com and I will feature it after the April challenge is over and we'll see if we can get it solved for you.

So now the best question of all is - can you stump Google


  1. I've never thought of questions along those lines.

    From time to time I have typed in questions like "why is my ex-brother-in-law such a useless jackass?" things like that, and gotten countless page answers.

  2. Most of the time when I stump Google, it's because I want to find a song, but I can only remember how the melody goes. Usually the melody is along the lines of do-do-do-do-da-da-do. . . Google doesn't know. ;)

  3. I always turn to my friend and fellow blogger, Raymond Esposito at writinginadeadworld.com, when I stump Google. I swear that guy knows how to find the answer to anything. And sometimes he's faster than Google, too, lol.

    This sounds like a great blog feature!

  4. Google and I are friends . . . it's Bing I can always stump. I think Bing is the red-headed step child of the search engine world. Stopping by from A-Z http://brokenwings1313.blogspot.com/2014/04/q-is-for-quippet.html

  5. It can be pretty hard to get a definitive answer from Google. I usually take a little bit from many different links.

  6. hmm thats hard...

  7. Hmm, family history questions? Who were the parents of my 5th or 3th great great grandfather Charles Kennett?


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