02 April 2014

[B]ermuda Triangle - A Writing Prompt

The mysterious disappearances within the Bermuda Triangle has always drawn in bizarre explanations most of which blame UFOs or the Lost City of Atlantis. I remember seeing a movie once that I can't find for some reason about these people travelling through this area and end up on this deserted cruise ship. Once they go on board they find ghostly versions of themselves and their travelling companions that speak of the haunted waters.

I've always loved the idea of this being the resting places of Atlantis over and above the idea of UFOs, to be honest.

Take a character (either from your current WIP or one you've been dying to put into a story) and put them in a caravan of travellers journeying through the area of the Bermuda Triangle.

What would happen if these characters came across an island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, instead of a ship?

Imagine your character and their travelling companions decide to go onto the island, but within minutes, they've lost track of each other.

And your character can't help but shake the disturbing feeling they are being watched.

What happens next?



  1. I don't know. It's a good writing prompt. For me, it's difficult, or I'm afraid.

    1. It is a pretty good one huh? Hopefully you will get inspired!

  2. Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge - your post caught my attention as I actually visited Bermuda 2 years ago and the Bermuda Triangle was something that I asked everyone about !

    They have these natural underground mineral caves and the reflection in the pool of water below is almost like the Lost City of Atlantis !! It's actually very stunning.

    Looking forward to your posts through the challenge.

    1. How cool is that!! I never knew they had things like that at Bermuda! Oh I would love to visit there and hear what people say about it! Thank you fo stopping by!

  3. Nice prompt. I was actually contemplating writing a Bermuda Triangle story at some point.

  4. I remember an episode of the X-Files that played around with the triangle and a lost ship...

    1. Oo I wonder if I've seen that episode! Now I have to find out!

  5. the latest Malyasian flight disappearanceis nothing less than a bermuda trainagle mystery rt...

  6. It is also interesting to think that there are no other occurences anymore of any disapearance... Like it was that moment in time. Spooky!
    Have a great A to Z challenge! With great respect! A.


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