25 April 2014

5 Valuable Lessons Learned from Scary Movies

I love watching scary movies. Especially the kind that just make you jump and run for the covers and shiver at shadows. And after watching so many of these movies and reading their books, I think there are some valuable lessons that can be learned from watching the mistakes and horrific consequences that some of our favorite characters find themselves in while they fight their invisible or (seemingly) unbeatable force.

So here are a few things I've learned from some of my favorite scary movies and novels:

1) Always find out the history of the house before you buy it.

You always see happy, innocent families (like in the Conjuring or Amityville Horror ) purchasing their brand new house and feeling so good and hopeful about their new life. And then of course, an evil ghost happens to be inside of the house and invades this serenity to destroy it.

Bottom line is always learn about the history of a house before you buy it.

2) Babysitting should come with a warning label.

Ridiculous as it seems, but really, so many horrible things happen to the babysitter in horror movies. I mean, just think of it, Halloween (although the babysitter did live in that movie...) and When a Stranger Calls (versions 1 and 2 AND the remake)just to name a couple.

3) Don't camp or hike in isolated woods.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, the Blair Witch Project, and The Ritual, all prove you shouldn't camp where you don't have a crowd. Sure, I'm probably wrong. But this is a lesson well learned by these characters. And if you have to be in isolated woods if you're in a horror novel or movie, at least camp where you have wifi and good cell phone reception.

4) Never separate.

How many times have we witnessed characters going their own ways in a horror stories? Isn't this the most ridiculous thing you have ever seen? NEVER SEPARATE IN A HORROR MOVIE OR BOOK. I don't even need to give examples to tell you why that's important.

5) Never stay in an completely vacant hotel or creepy looking mansion.

I don't care how rainy it is or how tired you are, but if Psycho isn't proof of anything, it's proof you should never stay at a completely vacant hotel.

I was going to do 10 lessons, but I seriously don't have it in me today. Maybe this will be a twoparter.

What lessons have you learned from scary movies or books?


  1. As to 1, the classic version of The Uninvited has a brother and sister buy a house just after one viewing, having no idea what they're getting into, learning only after the fact that they've got company in the house...

    1. TOTAL proof that you need to learn the history of the house before you buy it. Jeez, people sometimes, I swear, need to read up on their horror movie knowledge.

  2. Oooh, good ones. Also don't hitchhike at night. LOL

    1. SERIOUSLY. Who hitchhikes at night? BAD idea.

  3. The babysitting advice is a good one! I was babysitting a 1.5 year old when I was 13 and that baby reached behind the loveseat and pulled out some sexy panties! I took them away and placed them (of all places) in the laundry.

    Um, I was shocked when the father of said 1.5 year old baby called me later on and accused me of having sex in his home while babysitting....DUDE, I'm 13 and still wear underwear displaying the day of the week!

    My father took the phone and told the dirtbag to deal with his own infidelity issues minus input from the babysitter. lol

    CREEPS! Yes, I had some interesting customers while babysitting, but I never was a true victim! :)

    1. WHAT A CREEP!!! See? Warning label, so needed.

  4. Just looking at that hotel in the movie Psycho, I would've never gotten out of the car and in fact, I would have driven away immediately. :-) Brave, I'm not, but my characters sometimes are.
    Deb@ http://debioneille.blogspot.com

    1. I know right? Well they're either brave or stupid. :) And that's why they make awesome characters. :)

  5. These are great! Can I add a few?
    Put curtains on your windows.
    Don't open the door.
    Don't pick up hitchhikers.

    1. DON'T PICK UP HITCH HIKERS. Major horror movie no-no. And what is with the no curtains thing? At least shut them for goodness sake.

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