22 April 2014

9 [S]ongs to Set the [S]pooky Mood

If you are participating in the A to Z Challenge like me, you may find that you are getting a tad blog weary. But this is a fantastic discipline and we are so close to the end! Plus, I already have my "X" and "Z" topics chosen, so I know I need to finish.

But I decided to take the easy route and provide you with my top ten  nine favorite songs to set the spooky mood in honor of my Halloween in April theme!

1) Halloween Theme Song

This is one of those iconic Halloween songs that always get you a little freaked out when you hear it.

2) Theme from Rosemary's Baby

Whenever I listen to the theme from Rosemary's Baby it reminds me of some sort of demented lullaby that I'd hear my creepy neighbor sing.

3) Music from Nightmare on Elm's Street

Never listen to this song at night when you are about to go to bed. Very bad idea. Prepare for nightmares, type of bad idea.

4) Psycho Theme

How can you have a list of spooky theme songs without including the theme song from Psycho? Particularly the shower theme song. You don't even need to watch the movie clip to not want to go bathe.

 5) Theme Music from Chuckie

Absolutely perfect this music is, because this is another one that sounds like a chilling version of a lullaby. Especially with the innocent sounding voices in the background.

6) The 13th Hour Soundtrack (particularly 'Family Secrets')

I came across this spooky song on Pandora one day and I hope this link I'm including in this post works for you, because this is a must listen to song (and album). Especially if you are planning on working on anything spooky and you need inspiration.

7) Music Box Theme from Silent HIll 2

I've never seen this movie, but I think this is the creepiest music box theme music I've ever heard.

8) Amityville Horror Theme Song

I like how this music starts because it's got a gentle beginning and has a chilling, ominous quality throughout the whole song.

9) Theme song from Christine

I love this theme song! Just imagine if you played this while you were driving. How cool that would be?

Do you know any favorite movie theme music that's spooky?


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