Achievements and Strengthening a Writing Weakness

March 15, 2014

In October of 2011, I wrote a short story untitled but about a "creepy circus."

And one of the parts of writing I devoted myself to working on this year was rewriting and editing my already written stories. And you know? I have quite the collection I want to conquer this year.

And today I took a step in the right direction!

I have written draft number two of my "creepy circus" story (inspired by a suggestion my mom made to write a story with that theme!) and instead of being saved as "creepy circus" it's now saved in my files with the title, "Smoke and Mirrors." I can now venture into the deeper editing and strengthening the story.

I have more stories to go, but I feel good already about the strides towards writing success this year.

What are your writing weaknesses? What work are you doing to strengthen these weaknesses? 


  1. I'm guilty of this too, I have so many half-finished stories clogging up my Dropbox, I really should get to work and do something with them. Maybe I'll follow your lead ...

    1. You should! It's very a successful feeling and I was so glad to see that story completed.


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