01 February 2014

Dear You, You Are Doing a Good Job! Signed, Yourself.

Last night I said something profound about myself -

"You know what? I think I'm doing a pretty good job, all things considered."

It was something I needed to hear myself say. I tend to worry too much about not doing enough. Not doing enough for writing, not submitting enough creative work, not putting in enough time. But it hit me yesterday - I think I'm doing a really good job and that I wasn't giving myself enough credit.

And I don't think I'm alone. I think a lot of us give ourselves a hard time about not doing enough and we don't give ourselves enough credit.

So last night, I told myself one thing: good job. And boy, did I need to hear it.

Tell yourself good job.

Tell yourself you are an excellent writer and you are fantastic.

Be your best motivator and say go you.

Say that with everything else going on in your life, you still have the stamina to create or least think about being creative and that is damn good.

Tell yourself you are doing everything you can and that everything is awesome.

Thank yourself for doing everything you do.

Pat yourself on the back.

Congratulate yourself today.

Because tomorrow you may not quite feel that way. So today, you need to hear it.

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  1. This is just what I needed to read. It IS important to say these things to ourselves. I've always been a snarky, sarcastic individual and I definitely need to include more positivity. Thanks for the inspiration!

    With joy,
    Corrinne Quinn

  2. I always like to remind myself to promote myself. Nobody else is going to do it. :)

    Great reminder, Nicole!

  3. Great post! Sometimes we need to remember all the good we are doing! :) Stopping by from the SITS link up!


  4. Love it! And I definitely agree that we should congratulate ourselves every now and then. If you don't think you are worth patting on the back, no one else will either!!


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