03 January 2014

Perfect Book for Anyone who Fears They Haven't Lived Up to Someone's Expectations

I can't wait to share this book release announcement with you - it's Little Failure by Gary Shteyngart.

Famous memoir author, Gary Shteyngart writers about his experiences being an immigrant in America and a funny, humorous outlook on his fear of failing at life and not meeting his parent's expectations of becoming a lawyer (or a Wall Street something or other). (He became a writer instead. Oh, what a shame, right?)

I am so excited about this book and I think every writer should read this. In fact, I think everyone who has felt for one second they haven't lived up to someone's expectations - whether it's family or someone else in your life. I love the story behind the title too - it's from an English/Russion mashup word that his mother made up - Failurchka (or "Little Failure").

And if you are still torn about whether or not this book might be for you, check out this trailer -

Doesn't it look awesome???

The book is set to release on January 7th, so make sure you visit Gary Shteyngart's website to find out where you can get your copy.

A special thank you to 20 Something Bloggers Community and Random House for sponsoring this post. 

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