26 December 2013

Reading Outside My Comfort Zone (A Mini Book Review)

A couple of days ago I finished the book called, "The Cloud" by Ray Hammond. It's been a while since I read a true science fiction novel and I have to say I was greatly surprised!

A lot of the book went over my head with details of the science world that the author described, but what drew me on was the threat on Earth and the potential for total annihilation!

It drew me in also because the main character had an inner turmoil problem going on of being against the very technology that may just save the planet.

This may just create a new relationship with science fiction books! Although I may not become full trekki, I will seek outside my familiar genres more often.

And ironically enough, as I finished the book, there was a thick fog encircling my neighborhood. Very very eerie.

Have you read outside your comfort zone lately? What did you think of venturing into uncharted territory?

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