Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2013
I just want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!
It's been a rough year for me, but I have lots to be grateful for.

By the way, we've extended last week's writing prompt and you still have the chance to submit your stories!

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Flash Fiction Photo Prompt - Take the Challenge!

November 20, 2013

Hello, friends! I had to check the calendar today to make sure it was indeed Wednesday because it feels like Monday. So strange!

Since it is Wednesday, that means we're on for the next round of the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.

Last week's twist was a big hit; look at all the stories that birthed!

Read them all because they are simply awesome, and feel free to leave some comment love to the creative writer. :)

The Unknown that Lies Ahead by Scott Taylor
Jottings and Writings by Tena Carr
The Return by Sally Stackhouse
An Empty Street and an Open Drawer by Tony Roberts
Mistaken by Leanne Sype
Get a Better Hiding Place by Nicole Pyles

 Here's a quick reminder of how to do the blog hop:

1) Write a story using both photos.
2) Keep your word count to 500 words or less.
3) Submit your completed story to your blog hostess (Nicole, Carrie, Tena or Leanne) via the inLinkz linky below. (If you need a bit of help with this step, just leave a comment and we'll get you linked up!)
4) Your deadline is Tuesday 9 p.m. Pacific Time. 
5) Have fun, don’t stress, let those creative juices flow!

Remember: the blog hop is about creative writing and community, so feel free to invite a friend to join in! Here are your photos for this week. Enjoy!
  Coffee tree with ripe berries on farm

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Get a Better Hiding Place - A Bit of Short Fiction

November 19, 2013

"$500 to rifle through someone's underwear drawer?"

They were standing outside of the warehouse having a smoke break. It was the night shift and Hagen had been propositioned to sneak into a house to find a book.

"It's in there - I know it. I need that book."

Hagen took a drag off a cigarette. "What's in the book?"

Trace, the nightly security guard, always came off a little creepy. Now, Hagen knew why.

"That-that is not your business..." Trace started to wring his hands and his face twisted into a sneer as he looked over his shoulder for anyone else nearby.

"It's my business if I'm breaking and entering!" Hagen's voice raised a bit, which caused panic to appear on Trace's face. He dropped his cigarette and rubbed out the last ember with his heel.

As Hagen opened the door of back exit to get back to work, Trace's words stopped him. "What's in that book will be worth both of our time."

Hagen stopped and turned. "Explain in to me."

Two Days Later

Terese woke up. It was five in the morning and the early morning sun was just peaking through her window. She had the strangest dream last night of someone being in the room with her, but...

From her bed she could see something was amiss. Across from where she lay at night, her antique dresser stood stoic by the bedroom door. The second drawer - the one where she kept it - was slightly open. Enough for her to realize, someone had been there. And she didn't even have to look to see that it would be gone.

She reached down and grabbed her purse beside her bed. Calmly, she dialed the number - the one to use only in emergencies.

"It's gone. The book is gone. Someone stole it." Her voice shook as she said the next line. "All the secrets...the codes...someone else has them."

The next night...

"I got your book." Hagen pulled the beaten up leather bound journal out of his coat. He handed it to the security guard who had waited for his smoke break to claim his prize.

"I still don't know how that book will make us rich." Hagen said, taking a drag.

Hagen eyeballed Trace as he examined the book like greedy animal and its prey.

"The secrets the worlds most hidden treasures are in this book." He shook the journal at Hagen. "Answers. They're all in-"

A large hooded figure jumped out from behind the large trash bin and hit Trace over the head. The blow sent him crumbling to the ground without a word. Hagen didn't flinch and pulled out his cell.

"I got it back. We need to figure out how he found it. And tell Terese to find a better hiding spot." After hanging up, Hagen handed $500 in cash to the figure and went back inside to finish his shift.
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What's Up Wednesday - A Writing Update Prompt

November 13, 2013
I found this really cool blog hop over at Jaime Morrow's blog (which I found through someone else's blog - can't recall who...and I thought this would be fun way to catch people up on how I'm doing and what I'm doing these days! Make sure to check out the link to her blog for details on how to do this with me!



I am reading book 3 of the Unwind series! This was actually the first book that I have pre-ordered on Amazon and I'm loving every second of it. Although I'm seriously reading it too fast, I need to savor this book.


This is more of a "for fun" piece I'm working on. It has a fairy tale theme, but I'm adding a lot of humor and fun into it. It definitely isn't serious and I haven't even outlined it. I'm letting the characters sort of "run amok" and it seems to be working, actually. (No NaNoWriMo for me this year though!)


I would say what inspires me right now is the idea of letting go of the pressure of producing something that needs to be published and successful. Approaching a story with -gasp- fun in mind is letitng me relax and approach it with a speed I'm comfortable with!


I think I'm beginning to find my blog/writing/work balance and it hasn't been easy to get it right. I'm still struggling with it, but I need to fit these loves of mine into my life otherwise I won't be happy. Also, I'm querying a children's book my mom and I wrote together and that is definitely a lesson in tenacity and discipline and fighting through the standard publishing cycle of no response/rejection.

I would love to know how you would respond to this prompt! Let me know in the comments if you've linked up!

Edit: I'm totally late to this and realized the link-up closed, but let me know how you are doing anyways! I want to know!
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Flash Fiction Photo Prompt - A New Challenge!

And we're back! I don't know about you guys but it's getting colder around here lately! Although not nearly as wintery as I'd expect in Oregon, so I'm glad for that.

First things first, read the awesome stories from last week! I know the holidays has everyone bogged down a bit, so we are so grateful for everyone who has the chance to join in.

Grandma's Advice by Scott Taylor

The Bench by Beth Camp

Awesome stories!!!

So, we are going to change things up a bit with this prompt, so please read carefully!

We are going to give you two photos this week instead of one photo and five words. With those two photos, you must connect the two in some way. The other rules still apply - you have until next Tuesday night to submit your link and you have a 500 word limit!

So, here are the rules again -

1) Include both of the photos in your story in some way.

2) Keep your word count 500 words or less.

3) You have until next Tuesday to link up (leave a comment if you don't know how! We'll help you out!)

4) Link up with your blog hostess (Nicole, Carrie, Tena or Leanne) when you’re done via the inLinkz linky below.

5) Have fun, don’t stress, let those creative juices flow.

And here are the TWO photos you will be using this week -

Photo # 1 via Flickr

Self Shadow

Photo # 2 via Flickr

It's Nice [Explored]

Now, when you have your story ready to go, link it up below! 

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Notebook Hoarding (And the One I May Finish After All)

November 12, 2013

Meet my newest writing notebook.

The ironic thing about this notebook is that the more I use it, the more it seems to decompose (the irony here is that this is called a "decomposition notebook") (it's decomposition because it's made of recycling materials).

This is one of the first notebooks I will be finishing. I am halfway through it and aside from many of my cryptic, serial killer style handwritten scribbles of ideas, poems, half started stories, is a short-ish story that I am on my way to finishing. 

I feel like it's a sign of maturity (and also a sign of my dwindling bank account) that I am finishing this notebook. Most I get about 25% through my notebooks and think of a reason why I need a new one (this is my notebook hoarding self) (I have many unfinished notebooks I'd like to get through one day).

Yes, it's getting a little ratty looking and I'm looking more and more "bus person" like these days when I drag it out, but actually...I'm quite proud of myself. If I manage to finish this notebook AND this story that I am writing in it?

Well, that would be pretty cool. And then I would have earned my new notebook as a well-deserved reward (hey, we all need something to strive for, right?)

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Flash Fiction Photo Prompt - Get Inspired!

November 6, 2013
Miss Sally Stackhouse, you are our winner this month!!

Congratulations, and thank you so much for all your contributions. Thank everyone else, as well, for their contributions. It seems to have been a tough year for a lot of people and it means a lot that you still visit our writing prompt whenever you can.

Last week's prompt help produce these stories:

The Empty Bench by Scott Taylor

The Bench by Sally Stackhouse

The Language of Relationships by Tony Roberts

Till Death Do Us Part by Melissa Gardiner

Pop and Grams by Leanne Sype

And moving on to the November set of writing prompts, I've chosen a photo by an amazing photographer, Trey Ratcliff. If you haven't seen his work, you really should follow the link at the photo for his Google Plus profile, or you can find him on FaceBook as well. The picture I chose was taken at the Burning Man event and the album he's posted paints a picture of an amazing world full of stories, real and imagined.

Getting to the prompt, here is a quick review of the rules.

1) Use the photo and the 5 words provided in your story

2) Keep your word count 500 words or less.

3) You have until next Tuesday to link up your post.

4) Link up with your blog hostess (Nicole, Carrie, Tena or Leanne) when you’re done via the inLinkz linky below.

5) Have fun, don’t stress, let those creative juices flow.

The Photograph by Trey Ratcliff:

The Words:






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