15 October 2013

Write Through the Bad Days

It goes without saying that we all have bad days. The days where you feel weighed down by your own life, or picked on, or just things are going absolutely horrible.

This happened to me recently and like any other bad day I wanted to do one thing when I got home - nothing.

As I waited on my bus home to come by, I realized something, though.

The bad days can't be any reason to not write. If I want to publish, I have to fight the urge to go home and leave my notebook aside. Vedge out. Relax. Not use my brain for a while.

The thing is writing is one of those things that I do feel happier after I've started. It's almost instantaneous!

So if you happen to be reading this on a bad day, write anyway. Yes, it feels awful, but don't let that stop you. Write for a little bit. Use writing prompts. Free write.

How do you fight the bad days and write anyways?



  1. Hi Nicole,

    Amen. Just write, write, write. Keep writing no matter what.

    Sometimes I feel depressed, or exhausted. I write. Other times I feel wiped out. I write.

    Writing when you are having a bad day is the quickest way to become immensely talented. Reach a bit lower, publish.



  2. In 2010 and 2011, I wrote in an attempt to combat feelings of depression (after a couple movies with sad endings) and hopelessness (after being out of work for some time... that's still true, but I'm not as self-deprecating about it)... it helped work through the pain, but also allowed me to hear the words I wanted to hear from people around me... that I shouldn't be so hard on myself and soon, things will turn around.


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