08 October 2013

Looking Forward - Blogging 2013 and On

So I've been thinking a lot lately where I want this blog to go - and how I want to continue on and what I foresee for myself. I'm still open to change for this blog, but in the meantime, I think I want to go back to square one.

I've been struggling a lot with what I want to write and I am realizing that I am struggling with "going back to the drawing board." When I put aside that fantasy novel, I knew I was not just letting go of the novel, but I was also letting go of this childish ideal that one day it will become a bestseller. Well, as long as you have a work in progress, you might have a bestseller, right? And when you have to start from scratch, well you don't have that anymore.

I am back to the drawing board and I no longer am going to pour over stories long past that I have started and haven't finished. I want something new.

What does this mean for blogging?

Well, I've been doing a lot of writing exercises lately from one of my old writing textbooks. I'm doing a lot of exercises and practices. It actually helps and more than just helping me find a story to stay connected to, it also helps to get me connected in writing itself. Which is what I need the most.

What I would like to begin to do is sharing these exercises with you as a way of keeping track of writing activities and prompts so I can look back later and see if I can get re-inspired. I can't promise I will post everything I've written, but maybe if I feel really good about something, I'll post it.

Overall, this is a good way of making me feel good and being creative all at the same time (my tag line should be - when I write, I'm happy).



  1. I love writing exercises. I look forward to you sharing them.

  2. You will never go wrong with writing exercises! :) Hope you are greatly inspired, Nicole!


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