03 September 2013

My Official Unofficial Blog Break Announcement

So, I rolled this thought around in my head for a while before I realized that I needed to explain myself in some way. I care about my blog, my readers, and the time and love I have put into "The World of My Imagination."

My heart has not been in my blog lately. The energy just hasn't been there due to a lot of things going on in my personal life.

I don't want to make an official "blog break" announcement. I do want to leave room for the occasional post, but I do want to explain why I've been so absent and just not "present."

I will keep my weekly blog hop posts and like I said, I can't promise that you won't see more from me on occasion.

But until then, I am on an unofficial blog break.

Happy Writing Everyone!


  1. I completely understand the need to take a blog break ... sometimes time away is exactly what you need!

    Hurry back soon though okay?;)

    1. Sure will! :) I hope things straighten out soon! :)

  2. I hope things sort themselves out for you. Want to bet on who gets back first?? ;-)


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