23 August 2013

Free Friday E-Books! Download - and Promote - Today!

I love free books - um, free anything - and I decided to try something new over at my blog. Today is all about the freebies - free e-books that is!

I have a few I would love to highlight that are free FRIDAY ONLY! So make sure you download them today when you get the chance!

First to promote my personal favorite freebie - the one year anniversary of our writing prompt e-book Flash 500!

Download today at Google Books!
And here are two more e-books you can grab free today!
Download on Amazon!
Download on Amazon!

But wait! If you are still wanting to download some freebies, I did a little digging myself and found a few of my Twitter peeps have their own promotions going on!

Now download away! If you find that any of the links or tweets I've mentioned above are not actually free, let me know in the comments and I will take them down when I can.

Aaand if you are an author and you have a book that will be free this weekend - post a link below to share with everyone!

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