07 August 2013

Excellent Horror Story With a Twist Ending - A Book Review

------What The Book is About------

Marty is a troubled young kid with an abusive father and mother and an older brother in a comatose state. His favorite escape is the attic where he has a world to himself. Outside of that world, he battles with the demons that surround him - signs that point to a troubled and violent past and a seemingly hopeless future.

Until a glimmer of something new sparkles from a handicapped girl next door and who takes an interest in him. Initially, her mother takes a protective stance against the relationship and warns her daughter, but soon a friendship buds.

This, of course, is only the beginning. Marty starts seeing creatures - horrible looking creatures that inhabit the bodies of his parents and make them do horrible things. Are they real? A figment of his imagination? Marty turns into the hero of this creepy tale and fights against the creatures to win a battle to protect his new friend and learn secrets from his past that will save his own future.

------What I Thought -------

When I first started the book, I felt so bad for the main character, Marty. Not much seemed to be going for him and his only refuge was a room away from his family. I wanted to take that character out of the book, feed him a good meal and take him to the park or something. He was just a little kid in a really rotten situation.

The thing with books like these is that after a while you begin to get really tired of seeing the character get hurt and abused. The writing was well done but it pained me to see this going on and I couldn't imagine him ever getting out of this situation. Sure, child services were called, but his parents were clever enough to keep them at bay and Marty never stayed in a separate home for long anyway.

Then something else was introduced - a world of fantastical horror that sets Marty's path in a new direction. i go from dreading reading onward to intrigued and I had to see how this finished up. This was a book that I  actually had to sneak into the bathroom at work to finish. I think this also nearly made me miss my bus stop when I was going home one day!

I wanted to share an excerpt with you from the book -

"He stomped, certain now that his foot was not alone in the boot. He didn’t know how it got in there, but the coolness wrapped between his toes, slid across the instep, and made its way up the back of his calf. It was as if he were lowering his foot into a tub of writhing, frigid snakes. With each second, they wrapped another length of icy coil around his leg and squeezed.
"He heard flapping in the darkness beside him and caught a glimpse of a black bird about the size of a child. There were wings and arms beneath those wings, but when he looked directly at it, it disappeared.
"He saw another one from the corner of his eye, this one near his leg. He drew his pistol, but when he hit it with the light, it was gone. He heard more of them thump to the ground. They hiss-whispered as they swarmed, and from his periphery he saw there must be five or six of them."
excerpt from Wink by Erik Trant

This excerpt is just scratches the surface! And I'm so proud to announce that I get to giveaway a copy of this amazing book!

To enter simply leave your name and email address. Earn an extra entry by liking the author on  Facebook. Earn another extra entry by subscribing to the author's blog. The contest ends August 16th. 

About the Author

Eric W. Trant is a published author of several short stories and the novels Out of the Great Black Nothing and Wink from WiDo Publishing, out now! See more of Eric's work on his blog: http://diggingwiththeworms.blogspot.com/, order directly from  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Eric is an advocate for organ donation and lost his 18mo son in May of 2012. Eric and his wife courageously donated their son’s heart, kidneys, and liver. The couple went on to begin  a foundation to support organ donor families. Eric speaks openly about this emotional journey on his blog and the topic of organ donation is very close to his heart.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of the book Wink in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Nicole, thanks so much for the honest and kind review! I hope you genuinely enjoyed the book and it left you with something to ponderize, as these are my only goals when writing -- entertain and provoke thought.

    - Eric

    1. It certainly did!! I was enthralled from the start and loved the turns it made!

  2. Great review, Nicole!

    "He heard more of them thump to the ground."


  3. Thanks Diane! It was a great creepy book!!

  4. Oh wow! I just discovered your blog today & am starting my first ever Writer Wed prompt. I'm very excited! I've been poking around your blog off & on all day today & am finding it very addictive as an aspiring writer & book lover.

    This book sounds really nifty & I'm not gonna lie, that snippet you posted had me drawing my bare feet up into the chair because the creeps started in my toes! lol

    I sent Eric a friend request on FB (Jessica K McConaha)

    I also am following his blog via GFC. Did I overlook the subscribe button? (My eyes are tired tonight!)

    jess . mcconaha @ gmail . com

    1. Jess: Thanks for following. I got your FB request and I'll double-check that I followed your blog already.

      - Eric

  5. This type of book is just what my daughter loves, so I would love to win it for her....

    1. Marian, shh, but Amazon has it on their free list at present. If she has a Kindle she can download at no charge.

      - Eric

  6. Misty Battle

    I sent a friend request and GFC his blog!

  7. This book sounds like such a fun read - I could definitely get caught up in this one!

    Dawn Schultz

  8. Oops, I like you on Facebook and subscribed to your blog via email too :)


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