09 July 2013

Get Your Questions Answered with Yabbly - A Review

You know those questions that you can find the answers to? Or you need advice and you hate scouring over the internet to find tips that are from years and years ago?

Well, I am here today to recommend you take a look at the site - Yabbly.com. Yabbly is the newest in the question and answer community. It takes less than a few minutes to create a profile and within minutes you can post your question (and be of assistance to others). Whether you are asking about birthday ideas, travelling tips, or product suggestions  -

You can probably find it or ask about it on Yabbly.

I gave it a shot myself and decided to ask about vacuums. I know, I know, how very mature adult of me to ask about vacuums, but I need one and thought this site would be a nice place to start.

Well, within minutes I received quite a few extensive answers to my question -

The site is quite new so it doesn't have the same extensive database as it will be once it has been around a while. I would highly suggest though that if you are on the hunt for a vacation suggestion or a product suggestion that you should start here. The responses that I received when I asked a couple of different questions were very quick and informative. It was better than most Q&A sites I've tried (such as Yahoo! Answers or Ask.com).

It does have a few glitches at times and when I tried using the site on Internet Explorer it seemed to have quirks that wouldn't let me access certain parts of my profile. Overall though these were few and far between.

So, what questions can Yabbly answer for you? Sign up and see what types of responses you get. Or better yet, download their iPhone app!

Disclaimer:  I received compensation in exchange for my post about this website.

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